We've got exciting new plants!!!! - Apr 14, 2020

Dear Gardening Friends

We are open every day over the Easter Long Weekend from 9am to 4pm.
We are experiencing, one of the best growing seasons ever, so there has never been a better time, to spend time in your garden. I've hardly had to water my vegetable garden, and the plants are thriving.

We have heaps of Vegetable seedlings this weekend, so come and see us.

Don't forget, that success depends on how well you prepare the soil, prior to planting.
Dig Tims Cow Manure into your soil first, then fertilise with Tims FAST FOOD.
This contains every trace element, that plants need, for superior growth.

Get some today, and fertilise all your plants, while it's raining. It costs just $17.99.

I was having a terrible start to the day, during the week. Everything seemed to be going wrong.

The cap came off my sanitiser, in my pocket, and soaked through my jacket into my pants.

Then as I was opening the gate to the nursery I heard a plop on my shoulder.
A bird pooped on me.

Then I look up and see Peters smiling face.
"You're not going to believe what I've brought you today" he says with a smiling face.

"Look at these baskets, they are so big and beauuuuuuuutiful".

I help him unload his succulents.
He's non stop talking.
Are you like this at home mate?
"What do you meeeeeeeean, of course".
We take the plants inside.

Peter notices our Angel Trumpet Trees flowering in a bed.
"What are you doing Tim, you've got these beauuuuuuuutiful plants hidden up the back, you need to get them out, where people can see them. They will sell".

I'm having coffee with him now.
He's at least 2 metres away.
He spits when he talks!!!!!
We are having a laugh.
Peter loves coming here
We love Peter coming here too!

Some people make your day.
We have lots of friends like this, who visit us often. It's what life's all about.

Some exciting new plants turned up this week. You know it's something special when the staff start grabbing plants for themselves.

Hayden's just told me he's been waiting 2 years to get this Cactus.
He's salivating.
Monkey Tail Cactus is a new release.

The stems are fully cascading so it's perfect for pots or hanging baskets.
It looks like a giant Octopus.

It thrives in full sun or part shade.
The orange red flowers appear during the warmer months.
They look absolutely spectacular!!!!
The spines are soft and harmless.
It's a collector plant.
Hayden is getting 3.
He's shaking now.
They cost $14.99.
These will sell like hot cakes.

We received a huge delivery of indoor plants this week. We've noticed that since self isolation started our indoor plants sales have gone through the roof.

Indoor plants give you something to love during these stressful times. They make you feel better too.

Come and see our huge selection.
If you buy a smaller plant and a ceramic pot we will repot it for you using Tims Best Potting Mix.

I'm still surprised how often people tell me that they bought an indoor plant a year ago, and it's still in the same pot.

When you buy a plant it has to be repotted straight away. It's reached it growth and health peak, in the pot it's in, that's why the grower, sells the plant.

If you don't repot, the plant health, diminishes over time, and your plants will probably get attacked by insects like
Mealy bug.

Choose a pot that's at least 25% bigger.
Repot using our Tims Best Potting Mix.
It's still only $10.00 a bag, at the moment.
If you use poor quality Potting Mix, you will get poor results. It's that simple.

You could fertilise your lawn today while it's raining. Use our Tims Rapid Results Lawn Food. It's cheap and it's amazing.
Simply throw it on and let the rain wash it into your soil.

It will turn your grass bright green within days. It contains 21% Nitrogen.
The small bag feeds 260m2 of lawn.
Do it today, and you'll get less weeds in winter.

Stay at home if you've got a cough.
If you've got a mask, wear it.
Follow our directional signage.
Stay 2 metres away from other customers, and let's all stay alive.
Happy gardening