Tim’s Best Potting Mix only $10.00 - Apr 03, 2020

Stay safe in your garden.

Dear Gardening friends

Some great news.
We've spoken to our Potting Mix manufacturer, and they have agreed to keep the price down, so we can help you have success, growing vegetables and flowers, during these difficult times.
Our Tim's Best Potting Mix is just $10.00 a bag instead of $14.50. That's a huge saving.
A big thanks to Rhonda and the team from Greenlife.
We love you!!!!!

Some people don't want to leave home now, and they would prefer, to ring up and get us to deliver their gardening goods.
That's fine.
We can drop it outside your garage.
Ring and pay over the phone by credit card.
We can only do local deliveries.
Ring store for delivery cost.

We are an Essential Service, so we will remain open, as long as we can.
Even we don't realise, just how important we are to our gardening community.
Many of you have told us, that your gardens, are great for your mental health and well being.

New gardeners are now discovering that gardening is good for their mental health as well. With the kids screaming inside, the garden is a great place to escape outside.

Gardening can also be a great way to get your kids away from their computers.
Get them outside, in the fresh air.

We've come up with a great gardening idea, that's so simple, you won't believe it.
Buy your kids a bag of our Tim's Best Potting Mix, and let them have their own garden.

They can simply plant their dream garden directly into the bag. You don't need a pot, or a garden, to get kids gardening.

Simply poke holes, in the back of the bag, for drainage. Cut 15cm holes in the front of the bag. Plant your seedlings, directly into the bag. Water twice daily, for the first week, then every day after that.
Make sure it's in the sun.

Your kids can grow Vegetables, Pansies, Herbs, Strawberries, Garlic, Carrots, Potatoes? It's up to them.
Watch my video on Facebook, to find out how to do it. You will be surprised how much your kids love gardening.
This is so cheap too.

Our nursery is a safe place to visit.
You can stay 25 metres away from other people. We have an entrance and an exit system now that keeps everyone safe.
We have 2 metre spacing at our register, and an extra wide counter area.

I had a laugh yesterday when my electrician told me that his Olives must be the wrong variety because they always taste bitter.

He didn't know that Olives are always bitter, until they are preserved, in salty water for months.

I've pickled my home grown Olives this week, with a recipe from my mate. When times get tough we have to help each other out. Frank Muscat was telling me the other day that he'd picked his Olives recently and his wife had preserved them.

I asked Frank if he would share his recipe?
The Muscat's are Maltese and this has been their family recipe.
It's so easy you won't believe it.

How to pickle olives.
Wash the olives and put in a colander to drip dry.
Sterilise the glass container (2 litre jar) by pouring boiling water into it. Put a metal spoon in the jar to prevent it from breaking once you pour the hot water in it.
After a couple of minutes, empty the hot water and leave the jar to cool.
Fill the jar with olives, 3 cms from the top.
Put two level table spoons of rock salt on top and fill jar with water to 1.5 cms from the top.
Pour olive oil on top of the water. This will seal the air in the jar.
Make sure not to overflow the jar.
Close the lid and put in a cupboard, in a cool dry place.
After about 2 months check the olives and see if they are ready.
Do not be discouraged if there is a bit of jelly like mould on the top. This is common. Just spoon it off.
Try an olive, and if the olives are not quite ready, leave for a few more weeks.
Once the olives are ready, remove as much as you need from the jar and put in a smaller jar.
Fill this smaller jar with olive oil and throw in a clove of garlic.
Your olives are now ready to enjoy.

Vegetable seedlings are getting easier to get. Our supplier has been working 7 days and nights to get seeds planted to keep up with the demand. We've got a much better supply this weekend. But don't leave it till Sunday arvo or you still might miss out.

The seedlings are small.
We haven't put the price up, even though they are worth twice as much now.

All our seedlings are in season.
I'm still amazed how people don't have a clue about seasons.

You can't grow Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Zucchini and Chillies now. The frost will burn them next month, and your money will be gone.

We are here to help you.
Just don't stand too close.
Happy gardening