Yes we are open at the moment. - Mar 27, 2020

We've made our nursery safer for you!

Dear gardening friends
We've made our nursery safer for our staff and customers today.
We have an designated entrance and exit now. Enter on the left. Exit on the right.

We've made our cash register counter wider, to protect our cashier and you.
We are enforcing the 2 metre distance between customers asking for advice, and for those waiting to pay.

Please be patient with us.
Life has changed.
We are changing too.

Not all plants will be available.
Anything that can be eaten is selling fast.
More stock is arriving almost daily.
Stock from interstate might be harder to get.

If you have cold symptoms, please don't visit us. Stay at home.

We have found it's quieter in the afternoon.
This might suit some of you better.
We are outside in the fresh air.

In this crazy world, it would be easy to feel depressed and hopeless.

I took some seedlings home yesterday and planted up my pots, like I always do.
It's not the variety I normally plant.
It's Violas and Lobelia.
Just something we had in stock.

I topped up the pots with our Tims Best Potting Mix. Freshened up the Sugar Cane and planted my seedlings.
These little flowers lifted my spirits.
They made me feel better straight away.

I'm planting vegetables in pots today. They have been empty for ages. I'm still thinking about tomorrow.

I've had so many questions about what can I plant now?
New gardeners have no idea what's in season. They are buying Tomato seeds thinking they are going to grow now.

Here is my selection of fast growing greens, that are easy to grow from seed.
We might have them in seedlings too.
I can see all these in a quick stir fry.
They will keep you alive and keep you healthy too.

Don't plant all the seeds at once.
That's a rookie error!!!!!
Plant them in pots first (except radish and Carrots), then transfer the seedlings into your garden, or big pots, once they have 2 leaves or more.

You have to improve your soil first, with Tims Cow Manure. One bag per 3m2.
Fertilise with FAST FOOD then cover with Sugar Cane. Water well and leave.

Plant your seedlings through the mulch.
Water daily for a week. then every second day. Use Multiguard snail pellets.
Snails and slugs love seedlings too.

Dust the leaves every 4 weeks with Yates Tomato and Vegetable Dust. It contains a naturally occurring bacteria that kills caterpillars without killing you.
Vegetables need sun to grow.

If you're growing Vegetables in pots, use our Tim's Best Potting Mix. It really is the best and it's only $10.00 a bag at the moment.
I've used it in my big pots.
It has everything you need to make your veggies grow.
It's magic!

After 6 weeks add some Tims FAST FOOD Fertiliser to keep your veggies and flowers thriving. This costs just $17.99.
It's great on indoor plants too.

Nurseries have been declared Essential Services. We are open now.
But who knows for how long?

Stay safe.
Happy gardening