It’s only $10.00 a bag!!!!!!! - Mar 20, 2020

Tim's stimulus package?

Dear gardening friends

We have dropped the price of our famous Tims Best Potting Mix to just $10.00 a bag. It normally sells for $14.50.
This is the Best Potting Mix in Australia.
Use it to grow Garlic, Herbs and Vegetables in pots. Or plant flowers and make people smile again.

Stock pile it in your garage.
Use one as a pillow.
It's got a photo of me on the bag.

This is part of our gardening stimulus package. We've taken 25% off Rose bushes too. They are selling like hot cakes now.

We are celebrating Garden Releaf this Sunday. We have some fabulous speakers coming.
It's all for free.
9am. Learn how to grow vegetables.
Justin O'Brien alias urbangardener2570 will tell you his secrets for success.

10am. Macarthur Bee Keepers.
Learn how to farm honey from a hive in your backyard. Honey for sale.

11am. How to care for Bonsai.
Campbelltown Bonsai Society.

12noon. Dan The Orchid Nerd.
10 ways to kill an Orchid.
Learn how to keep them alive and flowering.

Buy a ticket in our fabulous Face Pot for just $2.00. All money raised goes to beyondblue.

Lots of exciting new plants have arrived this week. We have a new orange flowering Euphorbia called Apricot Delight.
It has orange flowers all year round.
It thrives in pots in sunny spots.
It only grows 60cms high.
I love it.

We have 4 grafted White Jacaranda trees.
Yes white flowering.
I've been looking for these ever since I saw one growing in Graham Ross's garden.
He has a beauty on his nature strip.
It was in full bloom in November.
Frank Muscat has one growing in his garden in Bow bowing too.
He bought it off me 20 years ago.

Graham Ross helped release this Jacaranda in 1974. They are hard to graft, so that's why they are so rare.
We only have 4 plants.
$69.99 each.
That's cheap!!!!!!

We have a new dwarf form of Plum Gorgeous called "Purple Pixie".
This little cutie only grows 50cms high.
It's perfect for hedges and borders.
The purple foliage looks amazing.
It also has crimson fringe like flowers.
They only cost $16.99.
We have a few.
More coming next week.

Please come and see us.
We need your help.
Buy a beyondblue wrist band for just $2.00.
They were $5.00 last year.
Buy one for each wrist!!!!!

Make a bid on Blue Pig on EBay.
He is up to $430.00 at the moment.
Auction ends on Monday at 4pmish.
124119489025 is the item number
Or search Blue Pig.
We like to keep it simple.

The safest place is in your garden.
Happy gardening