Get 25% off Rose bushes - Mar 13, 2020

Stay safe in your garden!

Dear gardening friends
Wow, we've just got to be brave at the moment. The safest place is in your garden, so why don't you take the time, and make it look nicer.

Autumn is the best time to garden.
You will notice that all your plants have now recovered from the drought, and they are sprouting fresh new growth, and flowers.

You will notice that your Rose bushes are looking fabulous. Ours are too, and we've got hundreds of them, so we've dropped the price by 25%. We have all your old favourites like Mr Lincoln, Iceberg, The Macarthur Rose, plus new releases like "Summer Romance".

About 20 years ago Kordes nursery in Germany decided to stop using fungicides.
They grew roses and chose the varieties that had natural disease resistance.
They also bred roses that had great perfume.

"Summer Romance" is one of their roses.
It's in their Parfuma series. Other roses in the series include Dark desire, Earth Angel, Fruity Parfuma and Madame Anisette.

We have these great roses, and they are all in flower, so you can sniff, and try, before you buy. You get 25% off the marked price.
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Peter The Greek, visited us again this week, and he brought us a brand new plant, called Callisia repens "Pink Panther".
This indoor plant has the most amazing pink, green and white, tiny leaves, that spill over the side, of hanging baskets and pots.
They cost $15.00 on the internet, but we've got them for just $11.99.
It's a collector plant.
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"Pink Panther" can also be grown outside in a shady spot, or it will also take morning sun. It's easy to grow. Once you have one, you can grow more from cuttings.
If you love indoor plants,
you will love our nursery.
Come for a visit.

I grew the biggest Broccoli in Australia last year. Do you want to know my secret?
I dug Tims Cow Manure into my soil first, then I sprinkled Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser over the top. I covered the soil with fresh Sugarcane mulch.

I watered the mulch then I planted my seedlings directly through the mulch.
The mulch keeps the moisture in the soil.
It stops the weeds growing too.
The seedlings took off.

I dusted the leaves with Yates Tomato and Vegetable Dust every 4-6 weeks. This controls caterpillars, without killing me.
The Broccoli grew and grew, until it was this enormous size. We ate it. It was delicious.
Come see us for all these ingredients.

Please don't buy chain store Cow Manure.
It's only 25% Cow Manure and 75% green waste. It's full of sticks. It's black instead of brown. It has no smell, because it isn't Cow Manure.

I took my family out for dinner to The Camden Valley Inn. I announced I was wearing my socks and sandals.
"No way" she said.
"Someone might recognise us."
I went on a Contiki tour 30 years ago.
My room mate was from Korea.
He wore socks and sandals all tour.
He was cool.
I bought a pair when I got home.
It was good enough for Jesus.
I love them.
I usually only wear them at home.
My feet love them.
I'm hoping to start a trend.
If you're finding yourself staring at the plant. It's a Euphorbia "Star Dust". It flowers every day of the year. We have some.

We are celebrating Garden Releaf next Sunday March 22nd. We have some exciting talks. We want you to come.

10am. Macarthur Bee Keepers are showing you how to keep bees in your backyard to get free honey. It's so simple.
Free honey tasting.
You can buy honey too.
Buy a honey Sandwich for just $2.50.
All money raised goes to beyondblue.

11am Macarthur Bonsai Society will show you how to care for Bonsai plants.
They will have fabulous plants on display.
Get your Bonsai repotted for a fee.
All money raised, goes to beyondblue.

12 noon. Dan The Orchid Nerd.
"10 ways to kill a Phalaenopsis Orchid."
Dan knows everything about growing orchids. Listen to his fun talk.
Buy rare orchids too.
Dan wrote for Burke's Back Yard Magazine while he was still at school. He knows everything. Come listen.

Buy a ticket in Hayden's fabulous succulent potted garden. It's worth $250.00.
You could win it for just $2.00.
Ticket drawn Sunday at 4pm.
Pot on display.

Our nursery looks beautiful in autumn.
Come for a walk. Bring a friend.
Bring your dog.
Bring your pet rock.
Happy gardening