Growing indoor plants is easy. - Feb 15, 2020

So what's our secret?

Dear gardening friends
My son Dan, grew this Fiddle Leaf Fig from a cutting. He simply cut a piece off and put it in a vase filled with water.
4-6 weeks later it had roots.
We potted it up into this pot using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
It's never looked back!
I've recently fed it with Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser. The leaves have turned dark green, and it's sprouting new growth.
The secret to getting indoor plants to grow, is to pot them into bigger pots the day you buy them.
I visited the boys school yesterday because one of my boys left his lunch at home.
The Happy Plant in the reception area was covered in Mealy bugs. It hadn't been repotted.
Plants get run down when they get pot bound, and then the insects attack them.
Unfortunately there are so many poor quality Potting mixes on the market. Some brands are so poor, they make your plants even sicker.
Tim's Best Potting Mix really is the best.
It's not the cheapest.
We are open today.
Come for a visit.
Happy gardening