I had a river running through my place! - Feb 14, 2020

Replace those dead shrubs now.

Dear gardening friends
I had a river running through my place last Sunday. When I was building my house TRN did the earth moving for me. They sent out an old guy who looked like he was 110.
I told him my neighbour's house floods, when we get heavy rain.

Does it come out of the creek?
He asked me.
"No it comes from that hill up there"
I told him.
"Leave it me" he said.
He contoured the lawn area so it would catch all the water and take it away from the house. He ran it thru my property down to a dam, that he made too.
If he's still alive, I'd like to thank that old guy.
He knew what he was doing.
He saved my house.

The good news is Warragamba Dam is over 72%, and filling fast. Let's hope common sense prevails and they take us back to level one water restrictions for autumn.

It's time to look at your garden to see which plants have survived. Seemingly dead plants might be sprouting new growth after this rain.

If not.
Pull it out, and come and see us.
It's probably better to plant something different. If it died before, it just might die again, is my rule.

I had a lady complaining about a plant that didn't grow this week. She's done everything right according to her, but it still died, and she wasn't happy.
I did remind her that we've had the worst drought in 100 years. It might not be my fault? She wasn't happy.
I gave her her money back.
The customers not always right.
Some are just stupid.
I'm happy for the stupid ones to go somewhere else.

It's time to get your vegetable garden ready for autumn planting. Don't plant anything yet. It's still too hot. But you can prepare the the garden now.

Pull out the old veggie plants and put them in your compost bin.

Cover the soil with one bag of Tim's Cow Manure per 2m2. Dig this into the soil.
You can use a long handled shovel.
I'm getting old, so I use a mattock.

Remove any Curl grubs. ( White grub with copper coloured head). They eat plant roots.

Rake soil level, then fertilise with Tims FAST FOOD Fertiliser. Cover soil with Sugar Cane. Water well, and leave garden to rest for a couple of weeks.

P.S Tim's Cow Manure is real Cow Manure. Bunnings are selling Composted Cow Manure. This is 75% recycled green waste and 25% Cow Manure. You have to buy 4 bags of this, to get one bag of Cow Manure.
Do the maths.

Plant Collectors Alert!
Peperomia Red Watermelon has arrived.
It's a new indoor plant that likes bright light.
Add this beauty to your collection.
Buy a ceramic pot, and we will repot it for you, using Tim's Best Potting Mix for free.

Hayden has found some beautiful new indoor plants this week, direct from our grower in Queensland. If you love indoor plants come see us.

Annie David waved at me from across the nursery. She had picked out a Lychee tree in a big pot, and she wanted my help.

We started talking and walking, and that's when she spotted The Drum Stick plant (Moringa oleifera).

Annie comes from Kerala in India.
She had this tree growing in her families garden.

It's a small deciduous tree, when grown in our climate, and every part of it is edible.

I could tell that Annie was a beautiful person. She was happy to share her story.

She immigrated to Australia in 1971.
"I was one of the first Indians to come to Australia" she told me proudly.
She was a registered nurse and worked at Prince Henry Hospital in Little Bay near Botany.
"It was beautiful" she told me.
"I lived at the Hospital in the nursers quarters for 5 years.
It's not there anymore".

In 1976 she went back to India to get married. She said her parents had chosen her a lovely boy to marry.
She had only met him once before they got married.
Are you still married? I asked.
She started laughing.
"Yes of course, my daughter was married in an arranged marriage too"
You know they make TV shows about arranged marriages now?
She starts laughing again.
"Yes I know".
So what does your husband do?
We are both retired now, my husband was an engineer, we bought a house in Beverly Hills for $50,000. It had big land in those days.

I had a beautiful Lychee tree, but we had to leave it behind, when we moved to Holsworthy.
It used to have beautiful fruit.

I look after my grandchildren now, I cook for them, gardening is my hobby.
I love it even more than cooking.

Drum Stick is good to cook with vegetables in a curry called Sambar.
You can eat every part of the tree, but I mainly use the leaves. You can chop up the fruit and cook it with vegetables too.
My friend has a tree, and it's about 3 metres high".

Around about now I can tell that she's getting sick of all my questions.
She has remembered, that she is suppose to be somewhere else.

She's going to come back, she tells me, to buy a White Guava Tree.
"The fruit is beautiful" she tells me. "You can even eat the seed".
I learn so much from my customers.
So do you.
We have Drum Stick Trees for $29.99.
Come check them out.

Vic's just come in to have coffee with me. He fertilised his lawn with our Tims Rapid Results Lawn Food on Thursday morning.
He used Shirley's No17 before he discovered our lawn food.
The smaller bag is easier for him to carry, and it feeds 260m2.
It's a modern fertiliser.
It's turbo charged.
He has noticed that most of the fertiliser has disappeared already.
He's going to bring me a photo of his lawn next week. He loves taking photos.
Vic has one of the greenest lawns in Minto. He is so happy to see the rain falling.
He loves his garden.
It's so neat and tidy.
I'm so happy for the seniors in Macarthur. They were really doing it tough trying to water gardens with a watering can.
Let's hope Warragamba Dam is catching some of this rain.
I'd love to see it overflowing again.
Happy gardening