Fertilise your lawn today!!!!!!!! - Feb 07, 2020

What's the best fertiliser for indoor plants?

Dear gardening friends
With rain falling right now, there has never been a better time to fertilise your lawn.
If you throw Tim's Rapid Results on your lawn today, the rain will wash it into the soil, and you will be amazed by the results.

Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food is a fast and slow release fertiliser, that's been designed for Buffalo lawns. It can be used on Couch and Kikuyu too.

Tim's Rapid Results has 21% Nitrogen so it turns your lawn bright bright green, in just 14 days. Best results are always achieved after rain. It contains a wetting agent, so it gets down to the roots fast.

The small 4kg bag is turbo charged to treat 260m2 of lawn. Simply cast it out over the lawn while it's raining. Or use a fertiliser spreader. You will notice results in just 24 hours. It will keep your lawn green for months.

It will also make your grass spread faster, so those bare patches will quickly disappear. Mow your lawn often to encourage more growth.

The results are magical.
A bag costs just $24.99.
If you buy 2 bags you get a discount.
Maybe you could fertilise your neighbours
lawn too? Bring back the love!

I got so excited when I heard rain was coming, I rushed out and did a few guerrilla tree plantings around Macarthur.
I've had my eye on a few carparks that needed shade trees, urgently.
It makes me sad when I see treeless carparks.

This island in a busy shopping centre, had been treeless for 10 years. It was designed for a tree, they just never planted it.
I planted one for them.

It will shade the carpark and help keep Macarthur cooler. Trees make a difference, we just need to plant more.

I've had great success planting Illawarra Flame Trees (Brachychiton acerifolius). They survive our hot dry climate, with little help from us.

If you'd like to plant some shade trees in a park or carpark, where you go often, so you can water them, then Illawarra Flame Trees, are the perfect choice.

This beautiful soaking rain, will make newly planted trees and shrubs thrive, coming into autumn. It's time for plants to shine.
Don't waste these perfect growing conditions.

It's time to feed all your pot plants.
What should you use?
We use Tim's FAST FOOD on all our indoor and outdoor pot plants, with great success.
It's a complete fertiliser that makes your plants grow greener and have more flowers.
It actually makes the flower colours, brighter too.
It's what we use.
It's only $17.99.
Simply sprinkle it around your plants.
And stand back quickly.

If you've got dead plants in your garden.
Pull them out, and replace them this weekend. We can help you with plant selection. We have umbrellas here.
Zoom zoom.

Happy gardening