New plant flowers all year! - Jan 31, 2020

Light up your garden with a tree?

Dear gardening friends

Great news!!!!
Tim's FAST FOOD is back in stock.
So many of our Garden Club Members have been waiting for this amazing fertiliser to arrive. It's back on the shelf. $17.99 a bottle. Simply shake it onto the soil and watch your plants take off.
More rain is forecast next week.
Zoom zoom.

Lachlan Coutts is off on a new adventure. He's heading to Byron Bay to be the supervising Horticulturist, on a Macadamia Farm.
Lachlan started with us 3 years ago, as an apprentice. He came to us in dreadlocks, he'd tried at least 10 jobs. He hated all of them.
He sent me his resume, but then he just called in, and introduced himself. I liked him straight away.
He could talk. He had character.
I offered him a job.

We sent him to Padstow TAFE and he got A's in every subject.
He fell in love with native plants, he can tell you "who were the parents", for many of the Grevilleas.
He loves Roses too.
He hasn't always been perfect, it's been a rocky road. We've watched Lachie grow up, and find himself.

He wants to be successful.
We wish him well in this new adventure. Horticulture can take you anywhere.
He will love Byron Bay.
It's so lush and green.

Now we are looking for a new apprentice. Someone who can talk.
But someone who can mow lawns, trim hedges, lift bags of Potting Mix.
Work in the hot sun.
You will need to have your licence.
On your P's is good too.
You will probably already have a veggie garden or a room full of indoor plants. You've probably just left school.

Don't come and tell me your mother loves gardening. I'm not giving her a job. Don't get your mother to ring either.

If you were naughty at school, that's great.
So was I.
Send your resume to
You might know someone who's looking for. Job? Pass this on if you do.

Looking for a plant that doesn't need much water?
Euphorbias milii is in the succulent family.
It stores water in its thick stems, and leaves, so it's less reliant on you, for survival.

They make amazing pot plants outside in a sunny position.
But the best news is they flower non stop all year round.
We have this new cream flowering variety in the nursery today.
It comes in a large and small leaf version. Once you have one you can grow more from cuttings.
They only grow small.
This one grows 60cms high by 60cms wide. It has thorns, but the foliage covers these up.

We have beautiful plants covered in flowers for just $16.99. They would make a great gift.

We have grown these using Tim's Best Potting Mix. Feed them with Tim's Fast Food every 3 months, to keep them looking lush and green. For best results, don't water them much in winter.
Come see.

I mowed the lawn this week.
When you use a Utility Lawn Mower like us , it chops up the grass clippings, and these go back into the soil, to feed the grass.
It's so simple. Grass clippings are organic fertiliser. Why would you put them in your bin, and pay council to take it away?

The soil is so nutritious now, when we get rain, the grass just takes off. The composted grass clippings make the soil hold more water.

I never laid turf, or used grass seed, when council filled in this side of the nursery 20 years ago.

I just started mowing the weeds with my Utility Lawn Mower. The weeds make amazing compost. Have you noticed weeds have big leaves?

Weeds also have tap roots, so they grow much better in infertile soil than grass. But when you mow weeds, the clippings feed the soil, make it nutritious, and then the grass starts growing.
It's amazing.

If you mow every week, the weeds don't get a chance to seed. Because weeds are annuals, they die out, and get replaced by grass.

The grass grows so thick in the nutritious, moist soil, the weeds don't get a chance to grow.

With this type of mower you have to mow every week. If you don't, the grass grows too tall, and it leaves a mess, when you mow.
I don't mind mowing lawns.
It keeps you fit.
This is not a Mulching Mower.
It's a Utility Lawn Mower.
It throws the grass out to the side.
You mow from the outside, in a clockwise rotation. We bought ours from Village Mowers in Ingleburn. Because it doesn't have a catcher, it's much easier to push.

I walked up Argyle Street last night, as the sun was setting in the west. The wind blew the Australian Flag just in time for the photo.
It's such a pretty town Camden.
The Jacaradas look amazing in November, when they come into flower, but now they light up the street, through the summer months too.

Maybe these lights with inspire, other towns, and homeowners to plant more trees.

Take the trees out of this photo, and you've got a hot barren place, that no one would want to visit.

Trees make me happy!
Happy gardening