Free Topdressing? - Jan 24, 2020

Are you having one of those days?

Dear gardening friends
We are open all Australia Day Weekend.
On Sunday and Monday, we are opening at 10am and closing at 4pm.

Have you noticed how your Murrayas are bursting into bloom?
These glossy green hedging plants start to flower within a week or so, after rain.
The sweet perfume smells like Jasmine.
If you're looking for a fast growing glossy green plant to make a tall, or small hedge, it's hard to beat these tough hardy shrubs.
If Hungry Jacks can get them to grow, you shouldn't have any problems.
Plant them one metre apart, and prune them every 6 weeks to make them grow even faster.
Improve your soil by digging in IGC Planting Compost. Mulch around the base with Sugarcane. This locks in the water, helps stop the weeds growing, and makes the Murrayas grow even faster.
We have beautiful bushy plants for just $14.99. They are in flower too!

I love this shot. It could be from the 1950s.
I spotted this scene in Manly.
The window has been left open, to let the sweet fragrance, from the Frangipani, waft in.

The garden our the front of this terrace is only one metre wide but they still found room for a tree.

People thought differently in those days. They weren't worried about leaves or flowers dropping on the ground.
They only thought about the benefits of trees. Shade, colour, perfume, privacy and beauty.

There were no air conditioners.
When it got hot.
You opened a window.
Life was so simple.

I was having one of those days yesterday.
You know when everything seems to be going wrong?
It started badly, when my dog went flying up the street in the morning, chasing Philip Morphews rabbits.

Have you noticed that dogs can only hear you, if they are within 20 metres. Once they get past this point, they can't hear you.

I eventually caught the dog when it got tired chasing rabbits. I'd invented a few swear words.

Then on my way to work, I discovered that my brakes had stopped working.
I dropped the car off at the mechanics,
he loves me.

Then I had to walk to work.
When I arrive, I'm dripping wet in this heat. Peter greets me with a big smile.
"I've been waiting for you, where have you been?"
It's a long story mate.
"You're going to love my succulent today, they're beauuuuuuuuutiful".
" You're customers are going to love my plants, look how colourful they are."
"You know you should be telling them about my plants, if you go on Instagram and Facebook it's all photos of succulents, women love them."
"You need to take photos of these and post them."
"I've got so many beauuuuuuuutiful plants at my nursery at the moment, I'm killing it."
"Why don't you make me a cuppa and I'll give you some business ideas."
He left about 20 minutes later.
I was exhausted.
It's less work chasing dogs,
chasing rabbits.
But he cheered me up.
Thanks Peter.

We have succulents from just $2.99.
They are so cheap. Use them to make your own mini garden. It's easy. Use our Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Talk to Hayden if you need help.

What about that free Topdressing falling from the sky? If we get some rain your lawn will turn green overnight.

Come and see us
In these difficult times,
a few plants will make you feel better.
Happy gardening