Indoor plants make great Christmas gifts. - Dec 06, 2019

It's time to put up the Christmas tree.

Dear gardening friends
We've had an eerie week, with smoke settling over Macarthur this week.
I took a photo of the nursery yesterday and I've never seen light like this.
Our thoughts go out to all those people who are fighting fires or who have houses in its path. Best wishes to you all.

This weekend is traditionally our busiest time, for Fresh Cut Christmas Trees.
We have over 100 arriving tomorrow morning. Come early for the best trees.

James Flemming delivered our trees last week. He normally does rural fencing and stock work, when he's not delivering fresh cut Christmas trees.
Wow, you work hard mate.
Can you ride a horse?
He bursts out laughing.
"We ride motor bikes now mate"
My son Dan, started laughing too.
He noticed that I've put gloves on to unload the Christmas Trees and he's wondering why he didn't get a pair too?

A fresh cut Christmas tree makes your house smell like Christmas. When you come home from work, and open the front door, you'll go "wow that smells good".

We open the gates at 8.30 tomorrow.
Trees cost $69.99.
We have Christmas tree stands too.
Bring an old sheet or blanket to keep your car clean. Please don't tie your tree to the roof. It dries them out.

Indoor plants are in fashion big time and they make amazing Christmas Gifts.
Our shop is full of beautiful plants including this collector plant called Monstera "Lechleriana". Yes it's one of those Swiss Cheese like plants that everyone's after.
We have beautiful plants for just $26.99.

Indoor plants don't just look great, they also remove dangerous toxins from the air.
They make the air cleaner and they don't require a lot of water, to keep them alive.
If you choose a small pot we will repot it for you for free using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Come and see our huge selection of pots and plants.

We have easy parking right outside our door. If you went to Macarthur Square last week you will know that parking at this time of year, is a nightmare.

If you own a pool, you may have noticed that the trees, are dropping leaves, like it's autumn. Even evergreen trees are dropping leaves.

This is a natural reaction to the dry weather. The trees realise they have a better chance of survival if they don't have so many leaves.

If it doesn't rain soon, they will drop all their leaves.

If the leaves are coming from your neighbours trees, please be patient.
The trees will sprout new leaves when it rains, and your pool will be clean again.

It's interesting, that it rains more, in suburbs that have more trees, so the last thing Macarthur needs is even less trees.

As soon as it does rain, we need to plant more trees, so in the future we get more rainfall.

Some people don't like trees.
They think they are messy.
But without them, we will soon perish.
Everyone needs to plant more trees.

Some of you will be thinking with all these bush fires trees are dangerous?
Kenny's house was surrounded by bushfires 20 years ago. He had to evacuate.

When he returned he discovered his house still standing. His 30 year old Camellias had stopped the fire from burning his house down. If you choose plants that have leaves that are full of water, they can protect your house.

We have beautiful NSW Christmas Bush covered in red Christmas bell like flowers.
These native plants are much prized Christmas Gifts. They look spectacular.

These can be grown in your garden or in a big pot. Use Native Potting Mix in pots.
They can be brought inside to be used as a table decoration. They are $34.99, so they are cheaper than a bunch of flowers from the florist. We always sell out before Christmas.

We also have the most amazing Hydrangeas in full bloom.
The Lace Cap Hydrangeas are looking spectacular. We have these in blue, red or white. We have traditional Hydrangeas covered in flowers for just $27.99.
These make amazing floral gifts too.
We gift wrap them for free.

We have so many Christmas gift ideas.
Come and see us this weekend.
Happy gardening