Fresh Cut Christmas Trees this weekend - Nov 29, 2019

Walk through Santa's Forest?

Our Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are coming this weekend. They get delivered by this character, in the wee hours of the morning.
We have 100 coming on Saturday.
More on Sunday too.
Come early for the best trees.
We open at 8.30am.
Trees cost $69.99.
We have Christmas tree stands too.
Bring a blanket so we can wrap up your tree to keep your car clean.
Please don't tie it to the roof.

A Fresh Cut Christmas Tree makes your house smell like Christmas.
It gives off that lovely Pine fragrance.

The truck drivers smiling, because he hit me in the head, with a tree, as we were unloading.
"Killed by a Christmas Tree"
I might have made the news?
Tell your friends.
They might be looking for a Christmas tree.

These beautiful Lace Cap Hydrangeas are walking out the door for Christmas.
We have huge plants from a nursery in Victoria. You won't believe it.
Melbourne has had a wet spring, so the Hydrangeas are huge this year.

If you're visiting friends buy one of our Hydrangeas as a floral gift. We have big plants from $27.99. These Lace Cap varieties are $39.99. They are much better value than cut flowers. We have over 100 but they always sell out before Christmas.

If you've been to our nursery recently then you may have noticed that we have a much bigger range of Indoor Plants these days and they are so much cheaper.

In previous years we bought our Indoor plants from a plant broker. Now we buy our plants, direct from the growers in Queensland. This makes them so much cheaper but the good news is that we get better plants plants too.

Hayden has made friends with the growers and they only send us their best plants.
If the plants aren't good enough, we send them back.

"Green Supreme" is one of the hardiest indoor plants on the planet. This one comes from a grower in Northern NSW.
Green Supreme is considered to be almost death proof. We put out the challenge in winter when we first released this plant.
Attention all brown thumbs.
Can you kill this plant????????
We've had none returned, so it must be a winner.

We have beautiful "Green Supreme" indoor plants in the nursery for Christmas. They come in a decorative pot, that makes it perfect for an office desk.
Plants cost just $15.99.
We can gift wrap them for you.

We are always looking for exciting new plants. Crassula "Buddha's Temple" is a hardy succulent plant, that thrives in these hot dry conditions. It grows about 30 cms high, and it's perfect for pots, in sunny spots.

It's a collectors plant, so if you know someone who loves unusual plants, this might make the perfect gift.
They cost just $19.99.
Zoom zoom.

It's hot and dry, so it's time to Wettasoil your lawn and gardens. This amazing product removes the oily barrier to allow your soil to accept water again.
It works like rain.

Use it on all your potted plants too.
It comes in liquid or granular form.
We use both here at the nursery.

6 weeks ago I got Cain to mulch all my gardens at home. It took him 6 days to move 60m3 of mulch. I have been amazed how it has transformed my garden.
Firstly, it just looks so much better.
Secondly I've noticed that despite the dry weather, my plants are still looking green and healthy.

Mulch insulates the soil from the hot sun.
This helps to stop the water from evaporating. More water equals healthier, disease resistant plants.

We have a variety of mulches here at the nursery. If you're worried about attracting termites, then use our Tim's Termite Resistant Wood Chip. This is made from Australian Cypress. This has a natural resistance, to Termites.
It's in easy to carry bags.

We are very busy at the nursery.
Lots of people are buying our $50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for just $40.00.
They are a bargain.

The Frangipani are still selling like hot cakes. We have 35 varieties now.
These highly perfumed tropical plants look spectacular in gardens or pots, in hot sunny spots. They look great around swimming pools too. We have the most amazing colours for just $19.99.
Come check them out.

Happy gardening