Our poo stinks! - Sep 13, 2019

It’s the best time to buy roses!

Dear gardening friends
Have you noticed that Cow Manure doesn’t smell like Cow Manure anymore?
The chains are selling Composted Cow Manure.

This inferior product is 75% Green waste and only 25% Cow Manure.
You have to buy 4 bags of this crap to one bag of Cow Manure. It’s full of sticks and bits of plastic and it’s black instead of brown.

Tim’s Cow Manure is real Cow Manure.
It has 100% more Nitrogen that Recycled green waste.
Pig can smell the difference.
Your plants can tell the difference too.
You can get 4 bags for $26.00.
Come and get some this weekend.
Our staff will help you load your car.

These beautiful face planters turned up this week. These have been a huge hit with indoor plant lovers. They are cover pots, so you just sit your plants in them.
They don’t have drainage holes.
They look fantastic with an arty succulent.
Planters cost just $15.99.
We have several styles and colours.
They will be winners.

Bruce and Lyn Luscombe live at 75A Macarthur Road in Elderslie.
When I dropped in, uninvited last week, Bruce was polishing one of his cars.
His best mate was sitting on a milk crate, watching Bruce work.
Bruce has a car collection.

Turns out Bruce used to own Le Jeune Car Sales in Narellan, with another mate.
Bruce is retired now, but he hasn’t stopped working on cars.

He’s just bought an old Bedford Camper van off his mate, so they are hoping to go travelling.

He takes me around to the front of the house and introduces me to Lyn.
Lyn’s embarrassed about what she’s wearing, but I can see she’s got a handful of dead leaves and old flowers scrunched up in her hand. There’s a bucket nearby, she’s got her gardening clothes on.

The garden has great street appeal.
There are potted Cloud Trees out the front.
I have always admired these.
They have been hand pruned using Buxus. They look amazing!!!!! (See photo)

A Standard Chinese Wisteria is just bursting into bloom.

Clivias are planted under trees here in orange and yellow. They are growing in big pots too, and looking beautiful. (We have these in the nursery)

Lyn tells me she’s expecting another frost. “It’s not over yet”. She says “she’s changed the garden a lot so it’s not so water dependent”
She got rid of the Azaleas.
“They were so thirsty”

They have sandy soil here.
“I buy Cow Manure by the truck load” she uses Compost too. She buys it in bags.
She doesn’t go to Bunnings, she tells me “it has no soul”.

She misses “Garden Magic”.
She would go there for a coffee.
She loved it

Her favourite plant is a standard Grafted Wattle tree called Acacia cognata.
She bought that from us.
It’s beautiful and fluffy.

She is applying Saturaid today, to make the soil accept more water. She uses Sugarcane as mulch. She doesn’t like Bark.

They use recycled water from the roof.
She has drip and spray irrigation systems.
She still likes to hand water too.

The garden is terraced.
It steps down the hill.
These flat areas catch the water and slow it down. That’s why this garden thrives.
Good gardeners learn how to keep the water in their soil longer.
That’s the secret.
We can learn a lot from Lyn.

The view from inside the house, looking out, is just as amazing.

Bruce and Lyn bought the house in 2006.
Brian and Meg Douglas were the previous owners. They have moved into a retirement village in Menangle.

Bruce and Lyn put the house on the market last year. They were going to move down the street to a smaller house and garden.
But Bruce got cold feet when his wife started talking about what she was going to do with the new garden.

Bruce did a quick calculation.
It was going to be cheaper to stay here!!!!
They would have had regrets selling this place.
It has soul.
See our Facebook page for more photos.

Our potted Rose Bushes are coming into bloom. If you love roses come and see us.
We have over 2,000 plants.
Over 120 varieties.

Bring your nose and you can sniff test the blooms before you buy. It’s the best time to buy a rose. See which varieties are the most disease resistant. Choose the best colours.

You’ll get 5% off because you’re a member of our Tim’s Garden Club.
10% off for Seniors.
They look amazing.

What’s our secret?
Our Rose Bushes have been potted up using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
This gives them the best start in life.
They are so bushy and healthy.

If you’re going to grow Roses in pots use Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
Don’t fertilise newly planted roses or you will kill them. Use Planting Compost to improve garden soil. Water daily for a couple of weeks then twice weekly will get them growing.

Roses growing in pots need daily watering.

Our roses will bloom non stop for 9 months.
That’s amazing floral value.
Come see

Happy gardening