Tomatoes seedlings have arrived! - Aug 27, 2019

Why do Lavender plants die?

Gardeners love Lavender.
We sell hundreds of them every spring. They are suppose to be drought hardy, but most die, in the first couple of weeks.
Gardeners are busy people, so they don’t always get time to plant the shrubs they bought on the weekend.

Sometimes they end up sitting on the concrete path, near the tap.
During the day, the concrete heats up, and the plants get slow cooked, all day.

The Potting mix dries out, and shrinks.
A gap forms between the pot and the Potting mix.

When you remember to water, it just runs out the crack.

Two days later, the Potting Mix has dried out, even more. The plant is seriously drooping now. You can’t understand what’s happening. You water it again.
The water runs out the bottom.

By the end of the week, your Lavender plant is dead.
You’re cranky.
You’ve done everything right!

Plant shrubs the day you buy them.
If not, sit them on soil, not concrete.
Water daily.

Before planting, dunk plants in a bucket of water, until the bubbles stop. Plant shrubs in IGC Planting Compost improved soil.
Mulch garden.

Water daily until plants establish.
Tell your friends how wonderful Tim’s Garden Centre is.

Tomato Seedlings have arrived this week.
You should only plant these if you live on a hill or if you are prepared to cover them at night. We will probably get frost again.
I’m not wearing shorts yet, so spring hasn’t arrived.

If you are going to plant Tomato seedlings, make sure you plant Tim’s Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato. This heirloom variety has a natural resistance to fruit fly.

You can let the apricot sized fruit ripen on the vine, and they taste so sweet and delicious. It can be grown in the garden, or a pot.

If you’re growing Tomatoes in pots make sure you use Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
This amazing product, has everything in it, to make sure your tomatoes grow.
It’s not the cheapest, it’s the best.

For the first 10 days in September we are selling Tim’s Best Potting Mix for just $10.00 a bag. Yep the sale only lasts for 10 days. It starts in September.
I will remind you next week.

We are the indoor plant people.
Almost every week we seem to get a new variety. Hayden searches the east coast of Australia looking for new plants.
This week he has found a new Philodendron called “Moonlight”.

This amazing indoor plant has bright yellow leaves. It thrives in bright positions inside your house or take one to work.
Philodendrons are some of the hardiest indoor plants on the planet.

They have large shiny leaves.
Wipe these with a damp cloth to make them even shinier.
Repot your “Moonlight” into a bigger pot using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
If you buy a small ceramic pot, and a plant, we will repot it for you for free, using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
We want you to have success.

I get very tired answering customers phone calls. They ring me all the time asking why their indoor plants aren’t growing.
When I ask them if they used our Tim’s Best Potting Mix? They say no.

”I wish you were an Octopus”, was how this weeks conversation got started.
Majorie wasn’t even taken aback by that. “Yes” she said “I could carry more baskets.”
I offered to get her a trolley, so she didn’t have to carry the baskets.

Marjorie is a long time customer.
She had been to a Probus Club meeting.
I’ve given talks to this group numerous times.

Marjorie is retired now.
She misses the interaction with humans. She commented that “she does have her husband at home”.

Marjorie grew up in Cordeaux Street in Campbelltown, almost opposite the Catholic Church.

Her family had a cow named Whisky in the empty block next door to the house. When it ran out of grass, her father would walk it down the street to an empty block, next door to St Peters Church. He changed the Cows name to Molly, when it went there, so it didn’t upset the Ministers.

When it needed a bull, her father would walk it up to Stuart Street. The Bull who lived up there, spent a lot of time looking down the hill.

When Marjorie got married she moved to Leumeah with her husband.
She was a receptionist for a Physiotherapist in Warby Street for 19 years. She knows a lot of people.

She has seen a lot of changes in Campbelltown. Munoosh hadn’t been discovered back then.

She was buying flowers today.
They will make her pots and gardens smile for spring.

It’s amazing how a few flowering plants make your garden looked loved again.

Our nursery is looking amazing.
Come see!
Happy gardening