Spring colour arrives! - Aug 16, 2019

Growing plants in pots is easy!

Dear gardening friends

Spring colour started to arrive this week.
African Daisy’s have burst into bloom.
I love this yellow flowering variety called “Blue Eyed Beauty”.

Camden Council planted these hardy plants in a roundabout on Macarthur Rd Elderslie last year and they looked amazing.
This variety stays nice and compact.
It grows 45cms high and 60cms wide.
It gets covered in these lemon yellow flowers with a blue eye.

We have all the best colours here at the nursery today. They can be grown in pots in sunny spots too.

These new varieties don’t self seed and become weeds, like the old fashion varieties.

Remember that Potting Mix trial?
Woolies vs Tim’s Best.
These Spinach seedlings were planted on the same day.
The Green Gardener, which is sold all around Australia by Woolies, is not so green after all. More like yellow, stunted and starving.
It might be multi purpose.
Maybe it would make a nice pillow?
Yes it could be funny, but new gardeners around Australia are going to blame themselves this spring when their plants don’t grow.

Kids who are new to gardening, will think it’s all too hard.

This should be on the news tonight.
Don’t you think?

If you want to have success, growing plants in pots, spend the extra money, and buy Tim’s Best Potting Mix.

Our trials have proven that our Mix is the best on the market. It’s better than all the Premium Potting Mixes we’ve trialled it against too. We don’t want the cheapest Potting Mix, we only want the best.

I gave a gardening talk for Mosman Garden Club during the week.
Yes I’ve gone international.
I got a standing ovation.
They do it, sitting down in Mosman.

Margaret turned up in her Lavender outfit so I gave her a Lavender Plant to take home.
She thought that was just great.
We had a laugh.
Gardeners are good people.

It was still light as I drove around Mosman so I could see the beautiful houses and beautiful gardens. The gardens aren’t much bigger than modern day gardens here in the newer suburbs of Macarthur.

But in Mosman they try and hide their beautiful houses amongst the trees.
Most didn’t have front lawns.
They chose to plant hedges across the front and shady trees were planted everywhere.

I noticed lots of Magnolias were in flower.
These deciduous trees are so spectacular at the moment and they make beautiful shade trees in summer.

People who have money try and hide their houses from the street. In Macarthur people often don’t plant trees, because they want everyone to see their big house.

I snuck into Camden Community Markets this time last year and planted 3 Chinese Elms, an English Oak tree and 2 Tulip trees.
The Tulip trees were planted so they would eventually grow up and shade the store holders tents.

Customers would be under the shade of these huge trees in summer. In winter the leaves would fall to allow the winter sun to shine in.

Tulip Trees were the perfect choice because they grow fast, but the wood is strong so they don’t drop branches.

Tulip Trees (Liriodendron)have the most amazing lime green tulip shaped flowers in the warmer months.

Everyone would have enjoyed these trees for the next couple of hundred years.

Unfortunately someone removed the Tulip trees last week. I felt very sad.
Not everyone loves trees like I do.
Some people are just stupid and uneducated too.

An old friend of mine, rang me recently, to say he had a Cactus for me. He knows I collect unusual plants.
Don had this Cactus for 20 years.
It’s moved house with him a few times.
His moving days are coming to an end.

This Cactus will outlive Don.
It will outlive me too.

Don was making sure, it went to a good home. Cacti live so long, they become family heirlooms.

This plant is art!
I love how beautifully they arrange themselves so they all catch the sun.

This plant will survive on rainwater only.
It has beautiful flowers too.

I’ve repotted it using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
Cacti growers will be horrified.
“You should have used Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix”.

We repot all our Cacti and Succulents using Tim’s Best Potting Mix and they thrive.

We’ve taken a few babies off, from around the base, just in case you want to grow one too. Plants cost $12.99.
All money raised goes to Don.

Spring could be starting early but we still had a frost last night. Lisa might get a few tomato seedlings next week.
You will need to cover them every night to protect them from the cold.

I would still wait at least 2 weeks before planting spring seedlings. It’s still winter.
It’s safe to plant spring shrubs now.
Our nursery looks amazing
Come see.
Happy gardening