Kids love getting their hands dirty! - Jul 26, 2019

Who’s the new Masterchef judge?

How good is this?????
We had some preschoolers from Minto come and visit us yesterday.
They were a multicultural mix of kids, who were all beautifully dressed.

They held hands in couples as we explored the nursery. We discovered that Lemons come from Lemon Trees not Woolies. We picked a leaf and discovered that the foliage had a lovely citrus smell too. We took a leaf to take home to make our pocket smell nice and for mum and or dad to smell it too.

We discovered that Blueberries grow on a shrub, in a pot, and we all got to squeeze the fruit which are green now.
We are all coming back to eat the fruit when they turn blue.

We saw Strawberries growing on plants, and learnt that we need bees to pollinate the flowers, to get fruit.
We learnt not to frighten bees by waving our hands in the air when one flys by.

We learnt that the herb mint smells like chewing gum and tooth paste.
We learnt that only half the class cleaned their teeth this morning.
We all got a mint leaf to put in the other pocket.

We sniffed Rosemary and decided that we all liked it. That went in the back pocket.
We discovered that the kids up the front ask more questions than the kids up the back, who are also, more likely, to be frightened, of even sniffing leaves.

We all got to pot up a Chinese Money Plant to take home. We loved getting our hands dirty in Tim’s Best Potting Mix.

We made sure our plant, had our name on the pot, just so it didn’t get mixed up.

We even selected a native tree to plant at the school today, for National Tree Planting Day.

Some surprising news this week.
Pig’s the new MasterChef Judge.
There will be no “pork on the fork” in the next series. The Chickens are nervous.
But Pig won’t turn on his feathered friends either.
Vegetables are the winner.
Or maybe the loser?

It’s just a bit of fun.

Do plants really grow in $4.00 Potting Mix?
I spotted a lady outside Woolies last week with a trolley load of Potting Mix.
“What are you doing?”
I was thinking.
Here are the results she will get. (See above photo)

She will blame herself when the plants don’t grow.
I mustn’t have watered them enough.
I chose the wrong plants.
It was the drought.
I’ll never buy plants from Tim’s Garden Centre again.
The Potting Mix won’t get the blame.
Surely Woolies wouldn’t sell Potting Mix if plants don’t grow in it.
Would they?
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I was running 5 minutes late yesterday. Hayden is in Fiji, so I had to open up.
I get to the gate, and there is Peter The Greek, waiting with a Ute full of Succulents.
“Good morning Tim, your going to love my plants, nobody grows them better, look at my plants they’re beeeeeeeeautiful”
He’s right of course, but I’m thinking about all the jobs I have to do this morning.

Peter walks around the nursery.
He gives us compliments too.
“Your nursery looks beeeeeeeautiful”.

He always likes to leave me with a few business ideas.
He thinks we need balloons above the roses to draw peoples attention.
“Get different colours”

He says we have the best roses he’s ever seen. “You should take them to Cabramatta, the Vietnamese love roses” he tells me.
Our customers love roses too Peter.

I got all my jobs done then we sat down and had coffee.
Peter is a nice guy.
He is full of energy.
When you spend time with him, some of his energy transfers to you.
Some people are like that, they make other people feel better.
He made me feel better.

The weather has been amazing this week.
Please don’t get excited and run out and look for Tomato seedlings and Basil.
It’s still winter. It will be cold again.
If you plant spring seedlings now,
they will die.
We will let you know when it’s time to plant.

It is still time to plant roses and fruit trees.
We potted up another 500 bare rooted roses bushes this week. We seriously have never had this many varieties to choose from. We are rose lovers heaven.

We also potted up 200 Grapevines this week. We don’t have wine varieties, but we do have all the the best seedless, table grapes. Sultana and all the red fruiting varieties too.

Grape vines are hard to come by.
If you want one, come quickly.
They are fast growing deciduous vines that will cover your pergola quickly, and provide fresh fruit in summer. Plant yours, on a mound of IGC Planting Compost Improved Soil, for best results.

Some sad news for garden lovers.
Kenny is retiring.
He has worked at Tim’s for almost 30 years.
Kenny worked in the nursery for the first 20 years, but he moved to the cash register recently, after some serious car accidents.
His body has got so sore, he just can’t do it anymore. He is finishing up this Sunday.
Come and wish him well.
He’s been giving great advice.
He has made all of us, better gardeners.
Best wishes Kenny!

The weather is perfect for gardening.
Come and see us.
Happy gardening