A tree that’s 1400 years old? - Jun 14, 2019

It’s time to grow indoor plants!

Dear gardening friends
It was so good to see so many of our Tim’s Garden Club members taking advantage of our Tim’s Best Potting Mix special.
This Super Premium Potting Mix ensures you will have success. If you missed out, we will repeat the special offer in spring.

I spotted this amazing photo of a Ginko biloba tree colouring up in China.
This Ginko tree, growing in a Buddhist Temple, is 1400 years old.
It would be lucky if it lived until it was 50 in Australia.
It drops leaves and they get in my pool.
If I chop it down I can park my car on top of the stump.
It’s lifting my pavers.
The roots got in my pipes.
The leaves fill up my gutters.
It was planted in the wrong place.
It blocks the view.
It’s a fire hazard.
If only it was another colour.
The wet leaves were slippery.
We needed wood.
A branch could fall on my house.
It stopped the grass from growing.
I wanted to plant roses.
I had to make room for a granny flat.
It started to attract Buddhists.

They have found fossils of Ginko trees dating back 270 million years.
It must be bloody tough!!!!!!

We have trees in the nursery, if you want to own, one of the oldest plants on the planet.
It has green leaves in spring and summer, then it turns golden yellow in early winter, before the leaves fall, to allow the winter sun to shine in.

We sold hundreds of new season rose bushes over the long weekend. Customers are taking advantage of our 25% off Roses sale. It runs all June.

Two of the most popular roses are “Grandma’s Rose” and “Grandpa’s Rose”.
Grandma’s Rose has beautiful pink flowers with a lovely sweet perfume.
Grandpa’s Rose is bright red with a mild “Old Spice” like perfume. They are both great cut flower varieties.
Come and see us soon, if you’d like one of these roses because we sold out quickly last year.

I was walking thru Sydney’s Botanic Gardens on Saturday and came across “The Plants With Bite Display” in The Caylx building. This glasshouse like building, has the most amazing display of Insect Eating Plants at the moment. It’s free to get in.

One of the most spectacular looking plants was this Nepenthes alata or Hanging Pitcher Plant. I put my hand in the photo, just so you could see how big it is!!!!!
It’s well worth a visit. I love Sydney’s Botanic Gardens.

Winter is Indoor Plant Season.
You spend more time inside your house in winter, so if you bring indoor plants into your living spaces, you will have better mental health.

Indoor plants just make you feel happier.
They also removed dangerous toxins and replace it with clean air.
We have some of the easiest plants to grow here in our nursery. Ask our staff for help.

We know which varieties are the easiest to grow. If you pot them up using our Famous Tim’s Best Potting Mix they are more likely to grow.

Hayden has bought beautiful Ceramic Pots that will suit your decor. If you buy an indoor plant and a small ceramic pot we will repot it for you, using our Tim’s Best Potting Mix for free.

Grow your indoor plants in rooms that have the most light. I mean light from windows and sky lights, not light bulbs!!!!!!
Whenever you buy a plant, it needs to be repotted into a bigger pot straight away.
This encourages your plants to grow bigger and it helps them fight off pests and diseases.

Unfortunately many Potting mixes on the market are faulty. Even we can’t get plants to grow in many of them, and we are plant experts.

This Dieffenbachia is growing in my bathroom. The lime green and white foliage looks amazing. I water this plant, once a week, with a litre of water. It has a sky light above and it’s thriving. We have this beautiful indoor plant now at the nursery.
It’s a winner. If your cat eats plants, don’t buy this one, as the leaves are poisonous.
Talk to our Horticulturists for the best advice.
Happy gardening