Spring Bulb Sale is on now!!!!!!! - Jun 01, 2019

Spring Bulbs only $2.00 a packet!

Dear gardening friends
Our famous spring bulb sale is on now.
All your favourite bulbs have been reduced to just $2.00 a packet. These were at least $5.99 a packet.

We have all your favourite varieties including Daffodils, Jonquils, Dutch Iris, Hyacinths, Tulips and more!!!!!!

Gardeners travel from all over Sydney to buy these bulbs so make sure you move fast. We have over 1,000 packets but they always sell out fast.

If you’ve got pots in sunny spots, plant them up with spring flowering bulbs using Tim’s Best Potting Mix. If you’ve got bare patches in your garden dig IGC Planting Compost into your soil and then plant your bulbs. They are guaranteed to flower if you plant them now.

If you’ve got friends who love gardening, please tell them about our amazing Spring Bulb Sale. At just $2.00 per packet they are great value.

Over 1,500 rose bushes turned up this week from our grower in South Australia.
An Italian family has been growing our rose bushes for over 20 years.

South Australia has the best climate for roses. You should see how big the stems are, on our two year old roses.
The plants are just so healthy.

We have at least 70 varieties to choose from, including all your old favourites like Mr Lincoln, Blue Moon, Just Joey, Double Delight and Ice Berg.
We have another 30 varieties turning up next week. If you love roses, you will love us!

We’ve had a lot of interest in The Macarthur Rose. This long stemmed perfumed rose is perfect for picking. The bright red flowers are huge!!!!!!! It has one of the highest petal counts of any rose in Australia.
It’s exclusive to Tim’s Garden Centre.
Most of our roses are $29.99 but we are taking 25% off, for the next month.

Before planting roses prepare your garden by digging Tim’s Cow Manure into your soil.
Our Cow Manure is real poo. The chains are selling Cow Manure mixed with recycled green waste. This is an inferior product.
If the bag says “Composted Cow Manure”.
Don’t touch it!!!!
It’s crap.

Not all roses are available this weekend. Some are still in boxes waiting to be potted.

Red Roses


  • Mr Lincoln
  • Fragrant Charm
  • Kardinal
  • Avon
  • The Macarthur Rose
  • Papa Meilland
  • Grandpa
  • Best Friend
  • Father’s Love
  • RSL Rose
  • Fragrant Cloud
  • Black Beauty
  • Sir Donald Bradman
  • Oklahoma
  • Camp David
  • Burgundy Iceberg
  • Black Velvet


Fancy Roses/ bicolour

  • Scentimental
  • Joy of life
  • Harry Wheatcroft
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Cherry Vanilla
  • Candy Stripe
  • Double Delight
  • Granada
  • Peace

Yellow Roses

  • Helmut Schmit
  • Kings Ransom
  • Buccaneer
  • Lord Gold
  • Spek’s Yellow
  • Gold Bunny
  • Gold Medal
  • Freesia
  • Golden Iceberg
  • St Patrick
  • Limelight

Pink Roses


  • Princess Margaret
  • Olympic Torch
  • Many Happy Returns
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Montezuma
  • Carla
  • Friendship
  • Chicago Peace
  • The Children’s Rose
  • Joyfullness
  • Flamingo
  • China Doll
  • Cecil Bruner
  • First Love
  • Blushing Iceberg
  • Ingrid Bergman
  • Perfume Delight
  • Diamond Jubilee
  • Mothers Love
  • Grandma Rose
  • Pierre De Ronsard


Orange Roses

  • Crepescule
  • Just Joey
  • Tequila Sunrise

Blue/ Mauve Roses

  • Ebbtide
  • Plum Crazy
  • Blue Moon
  • Fragrant Plum

White Roses

  • JF Kennedy
  • Athena
  • Pope John Paul
  • Iceberg

More varieties coming next week.
I will list them when they arrive.

We repot all our roses into 200mm pots using Tim’s Best Potting Mix. You can keep these roses in pots for several months if you need too.

Our Potting Mix has enough fertiliser to feed your roses for 3 months.
If you’re planting your roses in the ground, never fertilise them with Rose Food.
If you do, they will probably die!!!!!!

We have new season fruit trees and spring blossom trees arriving in the next 14 days.
We have been very busy this week Potting rose bushes.
Happy gardening