Don’t forget mum on Sunday. - May 10, 2019

We have beautiful gifts for you!

Dear gardening friends

It’s Mothers Day this Sunday.
If you haven’t bought your mum a gift yet, don’t panic. We have beautiful plants that will make your mum happy!

If you buy a plant, and a small ceramic pot, we will repot it for free using our famous Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
We have a free gift wrapping service too.

Our indoor plant area has been transformed recently into a magical place by Hayden.
We have an amazing selection of indoor plants and pots, all raised up on benches, so it makes life, so much easier for you.

Llama pots are back in stock just in time for Mother’s Day. These beautiful planters make the perfect gift. These were a sales sensation last time. They won’t last long this time too. Planters cost just $19.99.
Indoor plants from $6.99.
Choose a plant, and we will repot it for you!

I told you the secret to getting Cyclamen to grow last week. These cold loving plants grow better outside in a shady spot. They will take early morning sun.
If you get us to repot one into a bigger ceramic pot for you, it will flower non stop, for at least 4 months. That’s great value for you’re mum. Great value for you too.
Grow your Cyclamen on your patio.
Water it twice a week.

We’ve dropped the price on our Frangipanis by 50%. We still have at least 100 plants.
These advanced plants will be covered in flowers at Christmas time. They can be grown in big pots in sunny spots using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.

Or grow one in your garden up against a western or northern facing brick wall.
The bricks heat up in winter and create a micro climate that keeps your tropical Frangipani alive.

You can grow two plants in the one hole.
This will give you an amazing colourful tree with different coloured perfumed flowers.
Make sure you improve the soil with IGC Planting Compost for best results.
Frangipanis were $29.99.
Now just $15.00.
It’s a bargain!

We still have $50.00 Mothers Day Gift Cards for $40.00. Buy one for yourself too.

We are going to be very busy this weekend so come early to avoid the rush and to get the best selection.
Happy gardening