Our Mothers Day Flowers have roots. - May 03, 2019

$50.00 Mothers Day Gift Cards for $40.00.

Dear Gardening Friends
Mothers Day is next Sunday.
We are so happy that indoor plants and flowers are back in fashion.
As gardeners, we all know that flowers make you feel better.

Before you go out and buy cut flowers for mum, think about giving her the roots too this year. Potted Chrysanthemums can be planted in the garden once they stop flowering. They will grow into a small shrub in a sunny spot and flower again the following year. We have nice plants covered in buds and flowers for just $15.99.

Cyclamen are spectacular flowering potted plants with unusual upside down flowers.
They have been wrongly sold as indoor plants in the past and most gardeners have killed at least a few!!!!!

Cyclamen are actually outdoor plants that love the cold weather. If you put them inside your house, in a heated room, the plants think it’s summer, the leaves turn yellow, start to droop, and then the corm rots, and the plant dies.

The secret to growing Cyclamen is to grow them outside in the cold. They love morning sun or shade. Repot your Cyclamen into a bigger pot, using Tim’s Best Potting Mix, and your Cyclamen will grow twice the size and have twice as many flowers. It will flower non stop for 6 months.

Water your plant when the leaves start to droop.

If you buy a Cyclamen and a Ceramic Pot we will repot it for you, using our Famous, Tim’s Best Potting Mix.

We have beautiful plants for just $14.99.
We also have a selection of pre gift wrapped plants in a box for $16.99.
These will sell out fast.

Don’t forget we have easy parking and fast service, which you won’t get at the Shopping Centres.

We also have our $50.00 Mothers Day Gift Cards for just $40.00. Your mum will love one of these. We know that many of our customers buy these vouchers for themselves to save 20% on future purchases. That’s fine. We don’t mind giving you a gift too. But they are not redeemable until after Mothers Day.

Dahlias are old world garden plants that you would have found growing in grannies garden. They are winter flowering bulbs.
Plant breeders have bred new varieties, with spectacular flowers and colours. We have these potted plants flowering in the nursery today. I love this bright red coloured variety.

They make beautiful potted gifts and they only cost $16.99. That’s great value and we gift wrap for free. Use your Tim’s Garden Club card to get a discount. It’s easy.

Indoor plants are back in fashion.
It’s great to see young couples coming into the nursery to find new varieties to add the their collection.

Your mother might like an indoor plant?
If she is my age then she grew up in the 70s when indoor plants were in fashion big time. I’ve noticed Indoor Plant shops are popping up in the city again.

We have the best selection of indoor plants in Macarthur. Every week we get new varieties. Hayden searches the East Coast of Australia for new and interesting plants.
Come see.

Peter The Greek was in during the week with another delivery of his Succulents.
Peter lives and breathes these amazing easy to grow plants. It’s interesting, he doesn’t know any of their names.
He just can’t remember. But that doesn’t stop him growing the best Succulents in Sydney. We have plants from just $2.99.
They are great for making potted Succulent Gardens in pots for sunny spots.

He gave me a flowering Stapelia gigantea yesterday. This is also called a Carrion Plant. The flower has a horrible stinking flower that attracts flies and other insects for pollination. The flower is hairy.
It’s beautiful to look at. Just don’t get too close. We have these for sale from $2.99.

We have lots of other collector plants in the nursery this week. Talk to Lachie about a new Grevillea that’s just arrived.
He was salivating this week.

We are advertising for an apprentice this week. If you know a school leaver who loves plants and gardening. Tell them to send their resume to office@timsgardencentre.com.au.
They will need to be physically fit as the job requires heavy lifting. A licence would be an advantage too.

Happy gardening