We are open all Easter Weekend - Apr 23, 2019

We are open all Easter Weekend.

Dear gardening friends
We’ve had beautiful gardening weather this week, so I’m sure you are excited about spending some time in your garden.
We are open all Easter Weekend, so make sure you come and see us.

We have some exciting plants this week.
If you are looking for a hardy indoor plant, to take the dangerous toxins out of the air, we’ve found you a beauty.

“Parlour Palms” are one of the hardiest indoor plants on the planet. People have had these plants inside their houses since the last indoor plant craze in the 70s.
Yes they are so easy to grow.

Hayden has bought some beautiful Parlour Palms direct from our grower in Noosa Heads. These plants are so lush, green and bushy. And so cheap too. We have small plants from $12.99. Bigger plants from $25.99.

These Palms are so cute and compact. They grow well in a bright position, inside your house.
Choose a ceramic pot and we will repot it for you, using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
This is a free service for smaller pots.

I’ve noticed caterpillars are eating my winter vegetables. I’ve dusted my plants with Yates Tomato and Vegetable Dust.
This award winning product contains Spinetoram, a naturally occurring, friendly bacteria, that kills caterpillars, without killing you. It’s safe to use on all your plants especially, Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower. I use it on my potted Geraniums too. Simply sprinkle it on your foliage every 4 weeks. It doesn’t matter if you hose it off. The bacteria stays on the leaves to work it’s magic.

We have exciting new Grevilleas in the nursery. Blue Mountain Rambler is a ground cover Grevillea that spreads quickly up to 3 metres across. It only grows 100mms high.
It was found growing wild in The Blue Mountains so it’s super hardy and frost resistant.

It’s perfect for spilling over retaining walls or bare banks. It has these beautiful red flowers throughout autumn and winter.
Plants cost just $26.99.

We haven’t had Grevillea “Purple Haze”
for over a year. This compact growing Grevillea from Western Australia, has the most amazing purple mauve flowers, on long stems, that rise up and out from the grey leaf plant. It’s a collector plant lovers dream. We have grafted plants for just $39.99. The birds will love this shrub.
So will you. It’s grows up to 1.5 ms.

You still have time to plant winter vegetables. Come and see us for the best Cow Manure and seedlings in Macarthur.

Cyclamen have arrived.
These spectacular flowering plants make inexpensive gifts. They flower for the next 6 months. They are not good indoor plants.
They grow best outside in the cold, where they get morning sun, followed by shade.
Repot your plant into a bigger pot straight away using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
If you buy a ceramic pot, we will do this for you. Your Cyclamen will double in size and produce flowers non stop.
Water every day or wait until the leaves start to droop slightly.
Cyclamen are amazing!!!!!!
We are open today and all Easter Weekend.
We are closed ANZAC DAY.
Happy gardening