We need your help guys. - Mar 29, 2019

An indoor plant can change your life!

Cooler nights means Autumn has finally arrived. Now it’s time to plant winter flowers in your pots and gardens.

In the good old days gardeners would be planting Primulas, Pansies, Cinerarias, Sweet Peas, Lobelia, Alyssum, Stock, Poppies and Violas to name a few.

These days gardeners don’t think they have time to plant up their entire garden with these colourful annuals. But they are still happy to plant up some pots, in sunny spots, so they get that splash of colour that just makes us feel better.

We have a huge selection of Potted Colour.
These seedlings have been grown on by us until they are in flower, so you get instant results. Plant them in bare patches in your garden or fill up your pots. Within 20 minutes your garden will be transformed into a colourful oasis. These flowers will last for 6 months. They will get you through the winter blues!

Make sure you use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix to get the best results. Dig IGC Planting Compost to improve your garden soil.
These products ensure you have success.
Don’t forget the snail bait.

Michael Lavorato is a reluctant hero.
His business TM Linings paid $610.00 for Blue Pig on EBay.
He helped us raise $1558.00 for Beyondblue.
Michael’s office is in Campbelltown Central.
It has huge floor to ceiling windows that allowed you to look out over the beautiful Pin Oak Trees. It felt like I was in a tree house. His desk was made from recycled timber.

He was a little embarrassed to take ownership of Blue Pig. Michael didn’t donate the money to get a pig. He just wanted to help Beyondblue. He has family and friends who suffer from depression, he just wanted to help.

He was much more comfortable talking about his business.
He works 7 days a week.
His company TM Linings supplies and installs, plasterboard to more than 25 local builders in Macarthur.
He rattled off lots of names like Eden Brae , Metricon, Fairmont Homes and Manhattan Homes, just to name a few. His business is very successful.

Michael lives in Gregory Hills and he is building a new house not far away.
It’s going to have Plasterboard walls.
Yes, I asked him.
His boys go to local schools and they play soccer. Michael got animated when he started to talk about soccer.
One of his boys plays for Camden Tigers and the other for Blacktown Spartans. Michael sponsors both these clubs.
He played soccer for Marconi, so he must have been pretty good.
Today he juggles business and family. His wife, Corey Lavorato did the bidding on EBay. She was so happy when I contacted her.
It was nice to meet you Michael.

A big thanks to Campbelltown Bonsai Club, Macarthur Bee Keepers and Angie Thomas from Yates. These guys gave us their time and helped us raise money for Beyondblue.
Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket in our raffle. My friend Peter Burrows, from Bellpotter donated $100 too.

Collector Plant Alert!!!!!
Peperomia Coin Leaf has just arrived. This beautiful indoor plant thrives inside in a bright spot.
It has these beautiful lush green coin shaped leaves. The flowers look like spears. This plant is hard to find in nurseries. We’ve got about 20 depending on how many the staff take home today.
Well it is a Collectors Plant!
Plants cost $27.99.
It’s a winner.

Choose a small ceramic pot, and we will repot it for you, using our Famous Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
Just for love.

In 1979 I left school and got a job in a nursery. I always loved plants but I’d never thought about doing it as a career.

My bedroom was full of indoor plants.
They grew beautifully because I had a large eastern facing window and I always left the curtain open so the light could stream in. My bedroom looked like a jungle.

We had this plant growing in the bathroom. It’s a Dieffenbachia. (It’s poisonous, so don’t eat it.)I took one home on the weekend. My bathroom has a sky light in the ceiling and eastern facing windows. It’s almost like a glass house.

This amazing plant has transformed my bathroom. I love how it reflects in the mirror. I can’t stop looking at it.
I’ve noticed the large leaves catch the steam and then the water trickles down the leaves to the roots. These droplets catch the light and sparkle like diamonds.

I chose a white pot that was twice the size as the existing pot. I used our Tim’s Best Potting Mix. I water my plants once a week.
I give them a big drink. I don’t mind if water sits in the saucer for an hour or so, but I don’t want the plant sitting in water overnight. This will rot the roots.

In spring and autumn I will fertilise this plant with our Tim’s FAST FOOD. It will keep the leaves lush and green so it looks vibrant.
In a couple of years time I will need to repot this plant into a bigger pot.
This plant has made me happy.
An indoor plant in your house might make you happy too?

Our pot recycling bin is empty!
Can you please bring in your used pots so we can use them again.
We hate using new plastic pots.
It just doesn’t make sense.
These pots can last for 10 years or more.
We have a take or donate bin in our carpark. Please help us recycle.
I’m sure you have a pile in the garage.

Autumn is the best time to garden.
Come and see us if you need help.
Happy gardening