Free gardening talks this Sunday - Mar 22, 2019

It’s time to celebrate!!!!!!!

Dear gardening friends
We’ve got so many exciting new plants this week, you really need to come and see us.
We’ve got Collector Indoor Plants like Monstera Adonsonii and Watermelon Peperomias.
These are two of the hottest indoor plants in the country at the moment.

I also picked up a new plant this week called Ceropegia ampliata. Our apprentice has quickly renamed it “The Penis Plant”. Ceropegia come from Africa and they produce tubular, penis shaped flowers, to capture insects for pollination. We have two plants and they are both covered in flowers now. This plant doesn’t seem to have leaves so you just see these unusual flowers. Come check it out.

We are celebrating Garden Releaf this Sunday. We have fabulous speakers coming to our nursery to talk to you!

9am. Learn how to grow winter vegetables with Tim Pickles. Home grown vegetables taste better and it’s a fun way to get your kids to eat them.

10am Learn how to grow indoor plants with Angie Thomas from Yates.
Angie has written a book about The Top 50 Indoor Plants and it’s a sales sensation.
You could win a copy.

11am. How to keep a beehive in your backyard!!!!! Queen Bee Caroline from Macarthur Bee Keepers, will show you how it’s done. Honey will be for sale.

12 noon. How to grow Bonsai.
Jim from Campbelltown Bonsai Club will show you how to care for these amazing plants. There will be a beautiful Bonsai display too.
The talks are free.

You might like to buy a ticket in our Succulent Garden raffle. All money raised goes to Beyondblue.
Hayden did an amazing job creating this garden and everyone wants to win it.
Draw closes Sunday at 4pm.

Scientists have discovered if you spend just 30 minutes in your garden every week you’ll have better mental health. Come and spend 30 minutes with us, and we will both feel better!

Now is the best time to fertilise your lawn.
If you use our Tim’s Rapid Results Lawn Food your grass will go bright green in just 14 days. This turbo charged fertiliser contains 21% Nitrogen. The small easy to carry 4kg bag covers 260m2. It costs just $24.99 or buy 2 for $45.00.

Mow your lawn first then apply Tim’s Rapid Results. It will fertilise your grass without burning. It’s safe for Soft Leaf Buffalo grasses too. It will keep your grass green for 3 months. Apply now while the soil is moist.

It’s time to fertilise your garden too.
We’ve got “Organic Life” here in a big bag for just $26.99. You can use this organic Fertiliser on every plant in your garden.
It’s great for Roses and Fruit trees.
Perfect for flower and vegetable gardens.

I’ve planted up my vegetable garden.
You should too. I planted mine during the rain and the seedlings have taken off.
I’ve planted Broccoli, Silverbeet, Leeks, Cabbage, Kale and Lettuce.
I’m planting my Garlic today.
If you’re planting up your veggie patch
watch out for snails and slugs.
The wet weather has seen them return.
Use Multicrop Snail pellets because it’s safe for birds, dogs, cats and lizards.

I planted up my terracotta urns this week with Jonny Jump Up Violas. We have these in punnets or potted colour. I planted seedlings, because I love watching them grow. These hardy annuals, with cute little blue and yellow flowers, make me smile.
I’ve planted 5 plants per pot.

I pulled out the old Oasis Spreading Petunias then topped up my pots with Tim’s Best Potting Mix. I mulched with Sugarcane, then planted my seedlings thru the mulch.
I water daily until they establish.

These Violas will flower from now until October. That’s 7 months of colour!!!!!
Plant up your pots now and watch your face start to smile.

We sold 200 Enduring “Summer Red” Crepe Myrtles this summer. This exciting, new dwarf growing Crepe Myrtle, was a sales sensation. It has beautiful red flowers, and bright green foliage, and it only grows 1.5 metres high. Our local grower sold out, but we have sourced plants in smaller pots from a grower in Victoria for just $17.99.
These won’t last long. Come see us.

The drought is over.
It’s time to get back in your garden.
Come and see us. We can help you choose the best plants and you know we’ve got the best Potting mix.
Happy gardening