Know someone who suffers from depression? - Mar 15, 2019

Win this amazing Succulent garden!

Dear gardening friends
We are raffling this amazing Succulent garden, created by Hayden, to raise money for Beyondblue. Tickets are just $2.00 or buy 3 for $5.00. We’ve donated the prize, so all money raised goes directly to Beyondblue. Buy a ticket at the front counter. The Succulent garden is on display at the front door of our nursery.

We are celebrating Garden Releaf on Sunday the 24th of March. We celebrate the healing power of gardening, and we have some great speakers coming to talk to you.

9am Learn how to grow winter vegetables with Tim Pickles. (That’s me)

10am Angie Thomas from Yates will show you the best indoor plants to grow in your house.
Angie works for Yates and she has written a famous book called “The Top 50 Indoor Plants”. You could win a copy.

Angie worked at Tim’s Garden Centre while she was going to University, and we love her. You will too.

11am Bee Keeping talk by Queen Bee Caroline,from Macarthur Bee Keepers.
Learn how you can have a Bee hive in your backyard to get free honey.
Honey might be for sale too.

12 Noon. Jim and Fran will show you how to care for Bonsai plants. There will be plants on display from Campbelltown Bonsai Society. This is one of the Biggest Bonsai Clubs in Australia. You might like to join.
It’s going to be lots of fun.
The talks are free.
We’d love you to buy a ticket in the raffle to help us support Beyondblue.

I’ve been admiring Margaret’s Euphorbia Lipstick Plant from afar for years now.
I knocked on her door, and introduced myself during the week to discover her gardening secrets.

Margaret is so proud of her plants. She bought 3 little “Lipstick plants” from a nursery near Bankstown just before she moved to Macarthur.

She knew her new house, had a bare patio, that faced North West, so she was going to need something hardy that would survive in pots.

She chose The Lipstick Plant because she loved the bright pink flowers. She didn’t know at that stage, that these fabulous plants would never stop flowering.

She has potted them on, into bigger pots as they’ve grown taller. One pot blew over in the wind so she’s learnt the hard way that as plants grow, they need bigger pots.

Margaret waters them twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday.
She says “the leaves turn yellowish green in winter because they don’t like the cold.”

Sometimes the bottom leaves turn yellow. She pulls these off and places them on top of the Potting mix, as mulch. She has noticed they break down over time to create compost.

Margaret has a Dipladenia Citrine growing beautifully in a pot, on this sunny patio too.
She’s very proud of this tropical climbing plant with bright yellow flowers.
We have these for $16.99.

I can tell Margaret is very organised and business like. She wouldn’t suffer fools.

We have Euphorbia Lipstick plants in the nursery today covered in flowers for just $19.99.

One of our customers complained last week that I didn’t mention this plant has thorns. It’s common name is “The Crown of Thorns”.

“Euphorbia Lipstick” is a hybrid variety that has bigger leaves and bigger flowers, and it only grows just over one metre high.
Roses have thorns, so do Euphorbia.

A friend rang me last year, to tell me he’d found the most exciting, new, indoor plant, in Surry Hills.

What’s it called? I asked him
“Ficus elastica” he replied enthusiastically!!!!!
I laughed.

The Rubber Plant was huge in the 70’s, it has these huge glossy leaves, and it comes in green, black or variegated forms.

It’s as tough, as anything, so perhaps that’s why they called it The Rubber Plant.

It grows beautifully inside your house, in a well lit position. A plant this size will remove dangerous toxins, and clean the air.

If you wipe the leaves with some milk on a rag it will take on a glossy lustre.

It can be grown outside on protected patios too. But don’t plant it in your garden. This cute little plant will turn into a huge tree up to 30 metres high.

It has a white sap that’s poisonous to dogs and cats if they are foolish enough to eat it.

Don’t put indoor plants outside in the sun, not even for a few minutes. If you do, the leaves will get sunburnt.

If you want to get the dust off the leaves, put them in your shower, and leave them there, until the leaves dry.

We have the best selection of Indoor plants and Ceramic Pots in Macarthur.
Hayden just seems to know which pots and plants look good together. Come see our selection.

Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix and your plants will thrive.

If you’ve got bare areas in your garden, where you need a ground cover that will thrive, it’s hard to beat Aptenia. This fast growing Succulent has glossy green leaves and beautiful red flowers all spring, summer and autumn. Will will spill over retaining walls. It will grow in hot dry soils where other plants simply drop dead.
It will grow in pots and hanging baskets too.
We have Apentia Sun Rose plants for just $3.50 or buy 4 for $12.00.
This amazing plant is frost hardy too!

I’ve prepared my garden for planting winter vegetables. This is my garden in the photo.
I’ve dug Tim’s Cow Manure into the soil, added Tim’s FAST FOOD Fertiliser then covered it with fresh Sugarcane.
I will start planting when the nights turn cooler. I can’t wait. You can plant winter vegetable seeds now.

Just be careful when buying Cow Manure.
If the bag says Composted Cow Manure, this means it’s 75% Green waste and 25% Cow Manure. It’s cheap crap.
It’s not Cow Manure.
Tim’s Cow Manure is real poo.

If you’re wondering about that great hedge that’s growing so well in my garden?
That’s “Goodbye Neighbours”.
This fast growing native hedge is exclusive to Tim’s Garden Centre. It’s a winner.
We have beautiful bushy, tall plants, in the nursery today, for just $29.99.
And yes I do have a fairy in my garden.

We’ve had some rain, so it’s time to spend some time in your garden. Come and see us for the best plants.
Happy gardening