What’s the best Potting mix? - Mar 01, 2019

Put some Lipstick in your garden!

Dear gardening friends
You know it’s getting bloody dry when the salad greens have got “Two Spotted Mites”.
If I wasn’t wearing my glasses, I probably would have eaten them. These sap sucking insects, normally sit under the leaves. They love hot dry weather, and they attack many plants in your garden, including Roses, Petunias, Beans and other vegetables.
They can be controlled with Pestoil, but you have to spray under the leaves.
Of course you could just eat them!

I’m getting my vegetable garden ready for planting today. My veggie garden looks like something out of a spaghetti western.
I can imagine Clint Eastwood riding his horse through it, while he’s sucking on a tooth pick.

The summer heat and Two Spotted Mites, have killed all my tomato and Cucumber plants. It looks like it’s been abandoned.
I’m pulling everything out today, and chucking it in the compost bin.
I’m going to dig my soil up with a mattock, then I’ll cover it with Tim’s Cow Manure and I’ll dig this in too. As I’m digging I’ll remove the White Curl grubs by hand.
These grubs eat the roots, so they have to come out.

Next I will fertilise the soil with Tim’s Fast Food, then I’ll cover this with fresh Sugar Cane and water well. I let it rest for a couple of weeks until the weather cools.

Once we are getting cool nights I will plant Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Onions, Leeks, Spinach, Peas, Sugar snap peas, Carrots etc. Simply poke a hole thru the mulch to plant seedlings. Don’t forget the snail bait.
I use Multiguard Snail Bait because it’s safe for animals. Water seedlings daily until they establish. It’s much easier to grow vegetables in autumn and winter.

Spotted this amazing Euphorbia “Lipstick” Plant growing in a garden in Eaglevale yesterday.
Despite the hot dry conditions, this small shrub, was covered in flowers.
It’s in the Succulent family so it stores water in its thick stems and leaves.
If you’re a notorious plant killer, try one of these in a pot, or in your garden.
This plant is so popular, we’ve had to source them from a nursery in Queensland.
We’ve got two of these, growing in pots on our patio, and they never stop flowering.

Euphorbia Lipstick plants cost $19.99 and they are covered in flowers now.
Gardeners in Thailand believe this plant brings them good luck. If you’ve visited Thailand you might remember that they grow this plant, which comes in several colours, in pots outside their homes and shops on the street. They are very trusting people. In Australia I think they might go missing?

I’m always banging on about repotting indoor plants the day you buy them.
Check this out.
We potted up, our Ficus Umbellata a couple of weeks ago using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
We didn’t pot up the one on the right, because Hayden was going to take it home.
Check out the difference!!!!
The leaves are huge on the plant that’s been repotted.
A bigger pot means more Potting mix.
Potting mix holds the water and nutrients.
More Potting mix = more growth.
It’s that simple.
P.S But you won’t get these results if you use a cheap crappy Potting mix from Woolies or the big green shed.

Our Tim’s Best Potting Mix is so good, we get customers, who come from all over Sydney, to buy it. You can use it to grow Succulents, Citrus, Blueberries, Azaleas, Camellias, Herbs, Indoor plants and flowers. It’s the best!

We are always looking for exciting new plants for you to collect. Calathea Fusion White is a new indoor plant that’s bound to get collectors excited. It has green and white leaves and it’s easy to grow inside your house, in bright light. Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix to give your plant the happiest life. We’ve dropped the price of this exciting new plant to just $19.99.
It was over $40.00.

Collector Plant Alert!!!!!!!
Epipremnum Dragon’s Tail has arrived.
This rare indoor plant is related to Devils Ivy. It’s easy to grow indoors.
It’s a climbing plant that’s thrives in a bright spot. It will attach itself to a totem.
As the plant gets older, the leaves change, into this amazing Dragons tail shape.
It can also be grown outside, on a covered patio that has protection from the cold.
Repot your plant into a bigger pot using Tim’s Best Potting Mix. Water weekly and watch it grow.
This is a collector plant.
We only have 10.
Plants cost $16.99.
Bip, bip!
Run forest, run.

We are celebrating Garden Releaf on Sunday the 24th of March. Keep this Sunday free, because we some fantastic speakers coming to our nursery to talk to you. More info next week.
But if you love indoor plants, honey and Bonsai, this will interest you!

Happy gardening