A plant that makes you happy? - Feb 22, 2019

Can a plant really make you rich?

Dear gardening friends
A fresh supply of Happy Plants arrived this week direct from our grower in Queensland.
A Happy Plant is one of the hardiest indoor plants on the planet. My parents have had a Happy Plant inside their house in Castle Hill for 35 years.

The Chinese believe that if this plant flowers you will have good fortune and become rich. My parents are still waiting for their plant to flower.

Happy Plants have beautiful green leaves with yellow stripes. They can grow tall inside your house, if you have the right conditions. My parents plant is 3 metres high. They have high ceilings.
If the plant ever grows too tall you simply cut it off and it will shoot out again.
Put the cutting in a pot, using Tim’s Best Potting Mix and you can grow another plant for free!

Because we are buying indoor plants, direct from the growers now, our plants are much better quality and they are so much cheaper than before. These Happy Plants are available from just $24.99.

Remember, when you buy an indoor plant, it needs to be repotted into a bigger pot.
If you leave it in the same pot the plants health will go backwards and when plants get run down the insects attack them.

Choose at pot that’s at least 25% bigger.
Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
Water your plants once a week.
A big drink, not a sip!!!!

If you put indoor plants in rooms where you keep the curtains closed all day, then they aren’t going to grow. Plants need light.

Our indoor plant range is getting bigger every week. Start off your collection with a Happy Plant. They are so easy to grow, and if yours flowers, we are going to be rich!!!!!!

One of my favourite native trees is the Ivory Curl Tree. This rainforest variety grows in far North Queensland. It talks real slow.
I spotted two beauties growing beside Campbelltown RSLs carpark this week.

This small growing tree has the most amazing creamy white flowers. It flowers in summer. The nectar filled flowers attract native birds and bees into your garden.
It has a sweet fragrance too.

We have this beautiful native tree in our nursery today. They grow 4 metres high by 2 metres wide in 10 years. They have the most beautiful green and copper coloured leaves too. Grow one in your garden or on your nature strip. They will survive without hand watering once established.
This tree is so spectacular, I don’t understand why it’s not famous?

It’s too early to plant Pansies. But that didn’t stop Karyn from digging up our carpark garden this week. If you’ve ever wondered why Karyn’s plants grow so well, here are her secrets.

Karyn digs up the soil with a mattock.
This cutting tool digs down deep and it cuts off unwanted tree roots from competing plants. Karyn digs IGC Planting Compost into the soil to a depth of 200mms.

She then adds Tim’s Fast Food and Organic Life. Tim’s Fast Food is a chemical Fertiliser that has all the trace elements that plants need. Organic Life is an organic Fertiliser that nurtures the soil and adds Organics.
It attracts earth worms into your soil.

Karyn then covers the soil with fresh Sugar Cane mulch and waters it well so it doesn’t blow away. She plants her seedlings thru the mulch and waters again.

Karyn planted Begonias and Alteranthra Exhibition Border.
(She always uses snail bait.)
This garden will look amazing well into winter. Check out our carpark garden when you visit us this weekend.

My friend Nigel, came to have a coffee with me yesterday. Nigel is a nut.
We are good therapy for each other.

Nigel and I went to school together.
He’s a few years older than me, but I don’t ever remember seeing him at school.
Nigel didn’t like school, he was a round peg in a square hole.

He decided he was going to leave, but his mum said, “you can’t leave unless you’ve got an apprenticeship.”

They ran an ad in the paper saying “apprenticeship wanted”. Nigel got a job as a carpenter and he worked with a great guy who probably helped saved him.
Nigel was an amazing carpenter, he could work things out real fast.

He finished his apprenticeship and then went sailing around the world.
When he came back, he went and worked in the family business. His father owned a small plastics factory in Minto.

When Nigel’s father suddenly died Nigel took over the business.
He started to invent things.
He made compost bins that were sold by local Councils around Australia.
He invented “The Worm Farm”.
He was making crates with holes in them, that were being used in the Crayfish industry.
He used this to make a worm farm and it was a huge success. The “Can O Worms” in this photo gets made 24 hours a day in his factory at Minto. It’s sold all around the world.

Nigel owns factories in Canada and America now. He makes surface water drainage out of plastic too. You’ve probably used Reln Plastic in your house. His water troughs are used by farmers around the country to provide water for their stock.
He makes septic tanks too.
I’ve always told him he smells funny.
Nigel uses recycled plastic where ever possible in all his products.

If your kids not doing too good at school, don’t worry. He or she just might be another Nigel.

I hope you enjoy my stories
Happy gardening