Why don’t my indoor plants grow? - Feb 15, 2019

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Dear gardening friends
As I dived into Camden Pool this morning,
I could feel a freshness in the water.
We’ve had cooler nights this week, so Autumn can’t be far away. Don’t rush out and buy winter vegetables just yet, but you will notice your garden will start to turn green again as the weather cools.

If you missed out on flowers yesterday, don’t worry. Pig still loves you!
You will notice that we used the new Endurance Summer Red Crepe Myrtles to decorate Pig’s milk crate. This new dwarf Crepe Myrtle really is a winner.
We sold 50 last week. We’ve got another 50 coming today.

“Summer Red” Crepe Myrtle only grows 1.5 metres high by 1.5 metres wide. It has lush green shiny leaves and these bright red flowers all summer long. If you’ve got a hot dry garden, where nothing grows, plant one of these. We have beautiful plants covered in buds and flowers for $29.99.
You’ll get a Club Discount.
You will have to water it, to get it established.

Hayden turned 23 this week.
He’s got a baby face.
He’s been trying to grow that moustache for 23 years. Hayden’s our manager.
He’s a 50+ chick magnet.
Everybody falls in love with Hayden.
He loves plants. He spends all his time inventing new excuses, why he has to take another plant home. His house is surrounded by potted plants, inside and out. He knows all about how to grow them because he’s got them all.
He’s killed plants too, but not as many as the rest of us.
Hayden always surprises people.
He will pot up a plant and it comes back fully landscaped with pebbles and “things” he just found on the ground. He has an artists touch.
Happy birthday H.

My son plays rep soccer for Camden Tigers. I love Ron Dine soccer field because it’s surrounded by Chinese Elms. I’ve tried to find out who planted these amazing shade trees because who ever planted them had great foresight.
When you go to watch soccer at this park, you can park your car in the shade, under these beautiful trees.

I love trees but they always look better when they have been under pruned to expose the trunk. This allows you to walk under the tree without having branches hitting you in the face. It also allows cars to park under the trees without getting scratched and you can see if kids are chasing a soccer ball that’s got past the safety fence.

This week I’ve been pruning the lower branches from the trees to expose the trunks. I’ve done 5 trees per night while my son trains. I’ve done 15 I’ve got 50 to go. The difference is amazing.
Now the trees are really on show.
Check out the before and after photo.

If you’ve got trees in your garden, under prune them now, and see the difference.
The grass will grow much better too, because it will get more sun.

Nodding Violets is one of my favourite plants. It has these beautiful violet coloured flowers that nod in the wind. They grow really well in hanging baskets that get morning sun and afternoon shade.
They flower all summer long.
We have Nodding Violets in hanging baskets now that are covered in flowers.
Come check them out.

Indoor plants are in fashion.
I’m noticing all my friends are getting indoor plants in their houses or they are asking me for advice. All the new TV commercials have retro furniture and indoor plants.

I grew up in the indoor plant era.
“My gardens full of furniture, my house is full of plants” Australian Crawl.
Indoor plants are so easy to grow.
Put them in bright light but not direct sun and water them really well once a week.

When you buy an indoor plant you need to repot it into a bigger pot straight away.
The new pot must have a drainage hole.
Buy pots that have saucers.
Choose a pot that’s at least 25% to 50% bigger. Use quality premium Potting mix.

I had a customer bring in a plant during the week that looked sick. When I took it out of the pot I discovered the roots were unhealthy. The customer had used cheap Potting mix from woolies. We’ve done trials on this Potting Mix and plants don’t grow in it. This cheap Potting mix isn’t so cheap when it kills your $20.00 plant.
Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix and your plants will thrive. If you buy a small plant and ceramic pot from us, we will repot it for you using Tim’s Best Potting Mix for free.
(Pot size limit 30cms)

We have some amazing new indoor plants this week. Come for a stroll this weekend.
People say they love walking around our nursery, It makes them feel better they say.
Happy gardening