New dwarf Crepe Myrtle has arrived! - Feb 08, 2019

Bright red flowers all summer long!

Dear gardening friends
Some exciting news. A new dwarf growing Crepe Myrtle called “Enduring Summer Red” has just arrived. This new compact form only grows 1.5ms x 1.5ms. That’s the perfect sized plant for today’s courtyard sized gardens.

“Summer Red” flowers all summer long.
It can be grown in your garden or in a big pot. It has lush dark green foliage and the most amazing bright red flowers.
It’s a winner. We only have 20 plants this weekend so if you want one you’ll have to run forest run! Plants cost just $29.99 and they are covered in flowers right now.
For best results dig IGC Planting Compost into your garden, when planting, and water your Summer Red daily until it establishes.

If you’re wondering why Macarthur is getting so hot, take a look at this photo above of a 1970s subdivision vs 2019.
I took this photo from this week’s Advertiser. Jeff McGill has written a frightening story about our future.

The blocks of land are so small, and the houses are so big, there is no room left for trees. The homeowners have to rely on the street trees, to help cool the houses, but because the streets are so narrow, these trees get removed over time so cars can be parked on the nature strip. People are fighting over car parking spaces.
Compare the roads in the photo above.
What are we doing?
We need to vote these councillors out.

Campbelltown Council has failed us with high rise buildings built to the boundaries with no landscaping.

Camden has failed us by approving these treeless, over populated estates with skinny roads.

The former mayor of Camden said
“We can’t expect developers to plan their estates around existing trees”.
Seriously, these guys have to go!!!!
They have no idea.
Yes I’m cranky.

Better news for indoor plant lovers this week. We have 3 new Philodendrons.
White Princess, Prince of Orange and Pink Princess. These hardy indoor plants have beautiful foliage. They make great office desk plants or grow them in your house to remove dangerous toxins from the air.
They are new releases so they are not cheap. Prices start at $27.99 up to $54.99.
You’ll get your Tim’s Garden Club Discount.

Don’t forget to repot your plants into bigger pots using Tim’s Best Potting Mix. If you buy a ceramic pot and a plant we will do this for you.

It’s been so hot this summer you will notice that the fruit are falling from your trees and the foliage is getting burnt too. I was talking to an orchardist this week who told me that when it gets this hot and dry, the trees suck the moisture out of the leaves and fruit to try and survive. You will notice that your pot plants will have burnt foliage too.

Nurse your sick plants back to health with Seasol. You can apply this twice a week in water. This plant tonic encourages plants to grow new roots and as the weather cools down, your sick plants will recover, with fresh new growth.

Your vegetable garden will be looking terrible right now. The summer heat finishes off tomatoes and cucumbers earlier than usual. Pull out your summer crops now, then dig Tim’s Cow Manure into your soil, and cover with fresh Sugarcane.
Water well and let your garden rest until March.

Our Tim’s Cow Manure is real Manure.
The chain stores are selling Composted Cow Manure. This inferior mix contains 25% Cow Manure and 75% recycled green waste. It’s crap and dishonest.
Your plants can tell the difference.

If you haven’t had success with your vegetable garden this summer, don’t give up. It’s much easier to grow veggies in the cooler months. Prepare your garden now, and wait until the weather cools.

Start gardening early in the morning to avoid the heat. Drink lots of water. Wear a hat. Sit under a tree when it gets hot.

It’s year of the pig!
Pig is happy about that.
Happy gardening