A hat that keeps coming back - Feb 01, 2019

Plants can lift your spirits!

Wow it’s so much cooler today.

Make the most of these cooler conditions to get outside and have fun in your garden.
Lots of plants have been burnt by the heat.
Wettasoil your gardens, lawns and pot plants, then nurse your sick plants back to health with Seasol. This plant tonic, encourages plants to grow new roots and as autumn approaches you will be amazed how quickly your sick plants come back to life.
You can’t overdose on Seasol.
It’s not a Fertiliser. But it does have amazing healing qualities.
One capful in a 10 litre watering can will treat around 4m2. The more often you use it the happier your plants will be.

I helped a friend choose plants for her house this week. I showed her plants that I have in my house. Plants like Fiddle Leaf Figs, Kentia Palms and Peace Lilly’s.

She’d never owned indoor plants before and was frightened about taking on the responsibility of caring for them. I told her how to care for her plants, that they need to go in rooms that have lots of natural light. That no, indoor plants don’t always grow in bathrooms.
And watering? They need a “big drink” once a week.
I showed her ceramic pots and talked about colours that would go with her existing furniture. I showed her that green plants will go with everything.
I told her that you can’t leave new plants, in the same pot you buy them in, and if you do, it’s only a matter of time before they go backwards in health.
I helped her choose a plant, and then repotted it for her, using our Tim’s Best Potting Mix. The plant looked amazing.
Then I suddenly realised that my friends persona had totally changed. Her face had transformed, she was full of excitement.
She even talked about not going back to work. She wanted to take them home to see how good they would look.
That night while I was having dinner I told my wife how much these plants had effected my customers life.
I then realised that I had my customers husbands phone number. He’s done work for me over the years.
I sent him a text message
“How do the indoor plants look mate?”
He replied straight away.
“The plants are amazing, I love them, every time I walk into the room they lift my spirits”.
Plants are amazing. Isn’t that a great story.

Don’t be frightened about getting indoor plants for your house. We can help you get started. It’s easier than you think.

I’ve had gardeners asking me, if we have red flowering Crepe Myrtles now for 30 years. Now I can say “yes we do.”

The new Diamonds In The Dark Crepe Myrtles have 3 reds to choose from. The one above, is called “Crimson Red”.
I love the yellow stamens with the red!!!!!
These amazing new small growing trees flower for 100 days in summer.
The bright red flowers really stand out against the almost black foliage.
We have nice big plants for just $29.99. They come in pink, white, coral and lavender too.
How will you ever decide?

When you plant a tree in your garden make sure you remove the bottom branches.
I love how this Crepe Myrtle has been under pruned so it has a clean trunk.
This allows for easy access for cars and pedestrians. You can’t just plant a tree and expect it to grow like this. Trees require training in the early years.

Lower branches need to be removed until the canopy is above head high.
Now every body can enjoy the flowers and the shade that this tree provides.

You will also discover that the grass will still grow under your trees when it gets the sun.

Imagine how amazing an entire street would look if it was planted up with Crepe Myrtles that had been pruned like this?

It’s been a great week for hats.
Barry Crossley came in wearing a beauty during the week. Barry lives in Macquarie Fields. I wrote a story about his hat.

That’s a great hat mate!
“Yes I’ve had it for about 25 years, and it was old when I got it. I picked it up at St Vincent’s DePaul for $2.00.
It’s an Akubra, I’ve tried to stitch up a few holes without success. I’ve lost it a few times too, but it always seems to find me again.
I put it on the roof of my car once, as I was putting the grand kids in the car at Ingleburn. I drove off, and it wasn’t until I got home that I remembered where I’d left it.
I drove back to Ingleburn, but it was gone of course.
Anyway that night at about 8pm the grand kids came running through the house shouting “the coppers are here”.
I was thinking what have I done?
Turns out they had my hat. A Good Samaritan had taken my number plate and passed the hat into the little Police Station.
I’ve left it at Macarthur Square in a Cafe too.”
Ive noticed you’ve got a few badges on it, what’s all that about?
“Well I’m a proud Australian so I’ve got the flag and a Kangaroo. I wear this hat and my Australian Tie on Australia Day. My ties a beauty.
It’s very rare. I was a volunteer of The Australian National Flag Association for 7 years after I retired from Truck driving.”
Who did you work for?
“I drove for David Jones and Norman Ross for many years.
I used to deliver white goods and furniture. I’ve still got a sore neck from my working days.”
Are you a gardener?
“Well I grow a few things in pots more these days, but yes people who know my garden at Macquarie Fields say it looks nice. It’s Public Housing but we want it to look nice.”
What are you looking for today?
“Well I was thinking about growing some mini roses in pots but I’ve noticed on the packet that you can’t use rose food on roses growing in pots.”
You will need to use Tim’s Fast Food or some Cow Manure. They will grow better in our Tim’s Best Potting Mix too.

“Well I’ve bought the Potting mix from Bunnings already.”

That’s alright but we’ve done a few trials on their mixes and some of them aren’t the best so come and I’ll give you a container of “Fast Food”.

“You don’t have to give it to me.”
That’s fine mate, you’ve made me smile today. Take it.
Barry was a straight talker.
I made his day when I put his photo on our Facebook page.
I hope you enjoy my stories.
Come and see us in the nursery.
I might write a story about you?
Happy gardening