Mini Watermelon Plant is back! - Jan 18, 2019

A spectacular indoor plant!
Last week we released a new indoor plant called a Mini Watermelon Plant.
This easy to grow indoor plant has leaves that look like Watermelons. It’s amazing.
It has white “wand like” flower spikes that are a bit Harry Potterish.
It’s fun for kids to grow.

Indoor plants are back in fashion. They make a home looked loved and they also make the air safer for us to breath.
The saying “going outside for a bit of fresh air” really is true. Plants remove the dangerous toxins given off by paints, carpets and plastics. You need at least 6 plants to make a difference. The bigger the plant the more toxins it will remove.

The Mini Watermelon Plants has been a sales sensation. Last week we sold out within minutes. We almost had pushing and shoving. This week we have 50 new plants.
If you buy a ceramic pot from us we will repot it using Tim’s Best Potting Mix for free. Plants cost $19.99. You’ll get a Tim’s Garden Club Discount.

Grow it in bright spot inside your house.
Not direct sun but bright light. Water well once a week. Indoor plants always need repotting the day you buy them.

Llama Pots are back in stock!
These cute ceramic pots caused us so much drama before Christmas.
It was crazy.
Hayden has begged our supplier for more stock and they went searching deep into the warehouse to find us 40 pots only.
They will sell out this weekend, so put on your sunscreen, hat and thongs and come visit us.

The birds are doing it tough during this hot weather. We’ve got heaps of bird baths here if you want to give your local birds somewhere to swim and drink on those hot days. I’ve seen heaps of dead birds recently on my dog walks, so the birds are doing it tough just like us.

Take a look at your garden and see if you can plant more trees. Often we plant shrubs when really what we need is a nice small tree that will give us real shade and more privacy. Trees don’t take up a lot of room in your garden if you under prune them as they grow. This gives you the umbrella effect. You can walk under your trees and still have room for tables and chairs, for somewhere to escape the heat.
Your animals and birds will appreciate the extra shade, and your house will be cooler too.

Come check out our Diamonds In The Dark Crepe Myrtles. They have almost black foliage and they flower non stop in summer for 100 days. They only grow 3ms x 3ms.
That’s the perfect sized small tree.
They cost just $29.99 and they grow super fast. We have 5 colours to choose from.

Some people don’t make gardens because they rent. I spotted this amazing potted garden in Manly this week. It’s not until you look really carefully that you notice almost everything is growing in a pot.
It’s been beautifully arranged to make it look like a garden.

This is the secret to getting plants to grow in pots. When you group them together the plants shade each other from the hot sun.
This makes the plants get more water so the plants grow healthier and better.
When you move out you can take your plants with you!

Lorikeets are some of my favourite birds.
They are fancy dressers and they have the character to match those bright coloured feathers. You can attract them into your garden, every day, for free, just by planting more Grevilleas in your garden.
These fast growing native plants laugh at the summer heat, and if you choose the right varieties, they will flower all year round.
We have almost 100 varieties here at Tim’s.
Come and talk to Lauchie. He loves Grevilleas and knows which varieties are the best. It’s worth talking to the expert.
He works every day except Sunday and Monday. Lauchie is a native nut.

Escape the heat, and come early guys.
Happy gardening