Trump considers planting hedge instead of building wall. - Jan 10, 2019

I found the Avatar tree!

You know I’m a tree lover.
Last week I went to The Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay for a family get together.
This Hotel has become famous for its giant Oak Tree in the beer garden. This English Oak tree was planted in 1938 by Kathleen McGill.
The seedling came from Anthony Horden’s Department Store in the city.
Every customer who spent 10 pounds got an Oak tree.
Thanks to Kathleen’s foresight the Beer Garden is now totally shaded by this enormous tree throughout summer.
As night approaches Christmas lights get turned on and the Beer Garden becomes a wonderland. Around 300 people sat under this Avitar like tree for dinner. All the tables were taken and customers were waiting patiently for someone to move.
There was empty tables inside the pub but everyone was drawn to the tree.
I’m sure this tree has been cursed by the pub owners over the years. Every winter the leaves fall and they would need to be collected. But this also lets the sunshine in so the customers can still use the beer garden in winter.
I’m sure pavers have been lifted and pipes broken at times too. But this Oak tree is the star of the show.
Camden Council has recently put Christmas lights in the Jacaranda Trees in Argyle Street Camden. Camden has been transformed too.
The cafes and restaurants are discovering people want to sit outside now to enjoy the ambience.
Perhaps you’ve been thinking about building a covered verandah out the back of your house. Perhaps an Avatar like tree might be a better option.
I’m not suggesting you plant an English Oak Tree unless you live on acreage.
Put perhaps a “Diamonds In The Dark” Crepe Myrtle or Manchurian Pear tree might be suitable. The foliage will cool your house all summer and help keep Macarthur cooler too. At night you can light up your tree and give yourself an entertainment area that will be the envy of your friends.
Trees attract people, it’s that simple.

Breaking News!!!!
Donald Trump is considering planting a hedge instead of building a wall.
Trump got the idea after he noticed that all his neighbours had been busy planting hedges ever since he got elected President.
The hedge of choice, is this fast growing Australian Native Plant called “Goodbye Neighbours”.
It can grow up to 2 metres a year in ideal conditions. It stays bushy right down to the ground.
We have sold almost 50,000 Goodbye Neighbours since they were released by Tim’s Garden Centre.
In the Macarthur area it will grow one metre per year. They will form a hedge in just a couple of years.
Simply plant them 800mms apart and water often. If you improve the soil by digging in IGC Planting Compost then mulch around them with Tim’s Termite Resistant Mulch they will grow even faster.
We have beautiful advanced plants today for just $29.00. The plants look fantastic at the moment.
Plant now and say Goodbye to your neighbours.
They can be pruned to any height or width. Plants can grow up to 4-6 metres high.
I keep my hedge at home about 2 metres high. This gives me privacy and it’s a manageable height. I’ve discovered the more often I trim Goodbye Neighbours the faster it grows.

Frangipanis are in full bloom now.
They are flowering later this summer.
These highly perfumed small trees or large shrubs can be grown in pots or gardens.
The perfumed flowers are spectacular.
They grow best up against a western or northern facing brick wall. This helps to protect them from the winter cold.
We have 30 varieties to choose from at the nursery now. We’ve got the hard to find red flowering varieties too.

Poinciana trees look amazing in Queensland but I’ve never seen one flowering in Sydney.
I spotted this beauty flowering in Darley Rd in Manly last week. The red flowers really pop with the fern like lime green foliage.
I’ve grown them from seed but the plants have always died in winter. I’ll have to move to Manly if I want to grow a Poinciana.
Come and see us if you need help trying to grow the rare and unusual plants in your garden.
Happy gardening