A green lawn for Christmas? - Dec 14, 2018

Give someone a fragrant floral gift!

Dear gardening friends
I was listening to a lady complaining during the week about her NSW Christmas Bush.
She planted it 10 years ago and it finally flowered for Christmas but the bells are pink, not red. She wasn’t happy.
Turns out she bought a seedling grown plant, that’s why it took so long to flower and that’s why flower colour can’t be guaranteed.

We have a cutting grown variety called “Albery’s Red”. It was bred by Peter Albery, who was a famous nurseryman. This variety has white flowers followed by bright red Christmas Bells. It’s a winner.

We only have around 25 plants left so you will have to hurry if you want one. These make popular floral Christmas Gifts. We always sell out before Christmas.

It’s raining again so there has never been a better time to fertilise your lawn. If you apply our Tim’s Rapid Results Lawn Food today, your lawn will turn bright green for Christmas. This fast acting Lawn Food is Turbo Charged. This small bag will treat 260ms of Lawn. Simply cast it out over your lawn and stand back quickly!

Our potted Gardenia Florida has burst into bloom this week. It must have hundreds of white perfumed flowers. The fragrance wafts into our lunchroom and makes the nursery smell nice too.

We’ve had this Gardenia in a pot for over 20 years. It grows 1.2 metres high by 1.2metres wide. Gardenia Florida is the best variety to grow. It can grow in pots or gardens and it likes morning sun followed by afternoon shade.

Gardenias will grow in full sun but the flower buds will get sunburnt and never open. This frustrates gardeners.

If you’re growing Gardenias in pots, use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix. Fertilise your Gardenia every spring and autumn with our Tim’s Fast Food. This amazing Fertiliser will keep your Gardenia looking lush and green.

We have beautiful big Gardenia Florida plants covered in buds now for just $24.99.
These make amazing fragrant floral Christmas Gifts. Who doesn’t like Gardenias? We gift wrap them for free.

We do have other Gardenia varieties including Gardenia Magnifica, Golden Magic, and the ground cover variety called Gardenia radicans.

The Diamonds In The Dark Crepe Myrtles are walking out the door. These Adams Family inspired small trees have black foliage. They grow 3m x 3ms.
They add so much colour to your garden, and then in summer, they get covered in papery flowers for up to 100 days.
They come in 7 or 8 colours.
We have purple, pink and white right now.
More colours are coming in January.

Diamonds In The Dark Crepe Myrtles make great Christmas Gifts and they only cost $29.99. You’ll get them even cheaper when you use your Tim’s Garden Club Card.
Yes we gift wrap them for free.

We also have The Indian Summer Range of Crepe Myrtles. These powdery mildew Resistant trees are perfect for our hot dry climate. They grow 4-6 metres high.

If you are planting a Crepe Myrtle make sure you plant your tree on a mound of IGC Planting Compost Improved soil. Mulch around the base with our Tim’s Termite Resistant Woodchip. Water twice weekly, with a bucket of water, to get it growing fast!

The last 50 Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are being delivered this Saturday. Our Christmas tree man has run out of trees.
There has been a shortage of trees due to 2 years of drought. The trees aren’t huge because of this. We had one cranky lady complaining last weekend. People just don’t understand that these trees are farmed.
They are not hand watered. If it doesn’t rain, they don’t grow. Despite this, we have had some amazing trees.

We have some beautiful Christmas colour here. Plant Petunias in pots and gardens for instant colour. We have indoor plants for Christmas gifts. We have easy parking!!!!!!

Happy gardening