Fresh Cut Christmas Trees - Nov 30, 2018

Dear gardening friends

I was so happy this week when we got 75mm of rain. The plants loved it, and so did our local farmers. We notice in the nursery that our plants respond to rain so quickly with lush new growth. I’m sure your plants do too.

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are arriving this Saturday and Sunday. We get 100 both days, so you’ll have heaps to choose from.
Our trees are grown locally in The Southern Highlands so they always arrive fresh.
They have been hand pruned for 3 years until they are the perfect Christmas Tree shape. If you want the biggest tree come early. We sell them from 8.30am.
Most trees are 6ft plus. (1.8m)

Please don’t tie your tree to the roof of your car. A Christmas tree is like a big bunch of flowers. You need to keep it cool, out of the wind and sun. Bring an old sheet and we will help you wrap it up, so it fits inside your car. Box trailers and utes fry trees on hot days too.

When you get your tree home cut 1cm off the base. This allows your tree to drink water again. Place it in your Christmas tree stand and don’t let the tank run dry.
If you keep your tree hydrated it will stay green and smell delicious on Christmas Day. Keep it away from sunny windows.
Top up water daily.

Our Fresh Cut Christmas Trees cost $65.00. We have Christmas tree stands for $47.99. These are USA designed and very good quality. We’ve tried lots of cheap stands. These are the best.

If you keep your tree watered they don’t drop leaves and they are not messy.
They also give off more pine fragrance so your house will smell like Christmas.

We stock Fresh Cut Christmas Trees every day leading up till Christmas. Sometimes our supplier does run out, so please don’t leave your tree purchase, till the last minute.


More Hydrangea plants turned up this week. These beautiful flowering shrubs make great floral gifts. They are cheaper than a bunch of flowers from the florist.
We have nice plants from just $24.99.
We can gift wrap for free!

Hydrangeas grow best in morning sun followed by afternoon shade. This is the eastern side of your house. You can grow Gardenias and Daphne in this side of your house too.

Hydrangeas can be grown in big pots.
The pots should be big enough to hold 2 bags of Tim’s Best Potting Mix.
Potting mix holds the water, so the more Potting mix there is, the more water the pot holds, the better the plants grows.
Plants will need daily watering in summer.
We have pink, blue, red and white flowering varieties.

NSW Christmas Bushes are covered in red Christmas Bells. This iconic native plant makes the perfect floral gift too.
We have beautiful bushy plants that are covered in bells. They can be grown in pots or in your garden.

Indoor plants are back in fashion and they make great Christmas Gifts. If you buy an indoor plant and a small ceramic pot from us we will repot your plant for you using Tim’s Best Potting Mix. This is a free service. Your plants will grow when you use our Famous Tim’s Best Potting Mix.

This week we created a bit of a kerfuffle when we featured Watermelon Peperomias on our Facebook page. This collectors indoor plant sold out within minutes.
We have more plants coming next week if you missed out. We have an amazing selection of indoor plants so come check them out.

$50.00 Christmas Gift Cards are only $40.00. Such an easy Christmas gift and you save yourself $10.00.

Arabian Jasmine or Jasmine sambac plants have arrived. This climbing plant has beautiful double white perfumed flowers throughout the warmer months. It’s very well known in The Middle East but local gardeners don’t know anything about it. The small flowers are rose like in appearance and the fragrance is divine.
It grows well in pots on sunny patios or grow it in your garden. People travel miles to buy this plant. We’ve had to forward order them 6 months ago from our grower.
We have single and double flowering forms.

Remulch all your gardens this weekend to keep the moisture in your soil. Mulch stops the water from evaporating, looks good and stops the weeds growing too. Check out our Tim’s Termite Resistant Mulch.

You still have time to give your garden a Christmas Makeover. We can help you choose the best plants.
Happy gardening