Plant Christmas colour now! - Oct 26, 2018

We can fix your bald patch!

Dear gardening friends
What a transformation!
You can water your garden every day, but it can’t compete with rain.

I’ve noticed that some plants that flowered in early spring, like May Bushes, are coming into bloom again. The conditions are that good.

If you’ve been thinking about planting trees or shrubs, stop thinking. It’s time to plant now. Plants grow so much faster when the soil is full of water and these conditions won’t last forever. If you plant a hedge, it could grow up to a metre in the next 3 months.

We’ve got a fresh batch of “Goodbye Neighbours” this week. This select form of Acmena grows up to 2 metres a year in ideal conditions. It’s the perfect hedging plant to screen out your noisy neighbours.
It can be clipped to any height and width.
The more often you prune it the faster it grows.

Goodbye Neighbours has small coppery coloured leaves and it grows bushy right down to the ground. Plant them one metre apart and you will have a thick hedge in a hurry. It can grow up to 4-6 metres high, but most people prune them at fence height.
It’s so much nicer looking at foliage, rather than an ugly fence. Plants cost just $29.99.
If you’ve got Neighbours looking into your backyard plant a hedge now.

Warning. If your nursery doesn’t have “Goodbye Neighbours” they will try and sell you something else. They will even tell you it’s the same thing. If it doesn’t have a Goodbye Neighbours label. It’s not “Goodbye Neighbours”.

For best results dig IGC Planting Compost into your soil, then mulch around your plants with Tim’s Termite Resistant Woodchip. Water daily for the first month, then twice per week will get them flying!

People tell me they don’t prune their hedges because they want them to grow, but plants actually grow faster if you prune them. You only have to take the tips out with your fingers. This tricks your plants into growing up to 5 times faster and they will be so much bushier.

Other hedging plants we stock include Backyard Bliss, Murraya paniculata, Japanese Buxus and Raphiolepis Snow Maiden. Come and talk to us.

You know indoor plants really are in fashion when teenage kids come into the nursery to look at your selection. They have usually researched the plant on the web so they know all about them.

We have increased our range of indoor plants this week. We have baby plants that are perfect for office desks, bathrooms and kitchens. These plants start at just $9.99.
If you buy a plant from this range, and a ceramic pot, we will repot it for you for free using our Tim’s Best Potting Mix.

I got a lovely comment yesterday, from a new gardener, who has only recently discovered our Tim’s Best Potting mix.
She has been amazed how much her plants have grown since she switched to Tim’s Best.

We don’t have the cheapest Potting mix.
We only have the best. We want you to have success. We want your plants to grow.
If you haven’t tried it. Buy a bag today.

We’ve got a great plant called Petunia “Hot Lips”. This Spreading Petunia can grow up to one metre wide. It’s has burgundy coloured flowers with a white stripe.
It will flower non stop for the next 6 months.
Grow “Hot Lips” in baskets or pots in sunny spots. Grow it in your gardens too!
It will have these spectacular Christmas bell like flowers throughout the festive season.
We have beautiful advanced plants, covered in flowers for just $12.99.
If it ever looks tired, simply cut it back, and feed with Tim’s Fast Food.

Your grass will be coming back to life after this beautiful rain. You will have lots of weeds popping up in those bare patches too. Spray your lawn with Richgro Bindi and Weedkiller to control broadleaf weeds. Spray twice in 7-10 days for best results.
Add a squirt of detergent, to make it stick to the weeds leaves.

Next job is to Topdressing those bare patches with our famous Tim’s Topdressing. Simply broom it into the grass with the back of a yard broom. Don’t put it on too thick.
Water twice weekly and watch in amazement, as your grass spreads quickly, and those bare patches disappear.

Don’t use lawn seed. Most lawn seeds are fescue varieties. They don’t survive our horrible clay soils and hot summers.

If you’ve got big patches, come and buy a roll of turf. We Sell Kikuyu and Matilda Buffalo. Kikuyu grows in full sun and costs $4.99 per roll. Buffalo will grow in full sun or up to 80% shade. It costs $9.99 per roll.
We have turf on Fridays and Saturdays.
We’ve usually sold out by Sunday.
Plant the patch in the ground.
Don’t lay it on top. Water daily.

If you want your garden looking beautiful for Christmas, you need to come and see us now. We can help you choose the right plants.
Happy gardening