It’s big, it’s black! - Jul 14, 2018

He can eat chips faster than a seagull.

When I was a kid we would go to Junee over Easter to see my family.
We would get the bikes out of the shed and ride out along Harefield road beside the railway line. My cousin Moe, made a trailer, that could be towed by a bike.

Almond trees grew wild beside the railway line. We knew where the best trees were. We would pick and eat Almonds for hours. We had to hide in the long brown grass everytime a train went past.
It was illegal to be inside the fence.
We always taste tested a few Almonds before putting them in the trailer.
Some had a bitter taste.

We would ride back to Junee to look for bottles, which we would trade in, to buy hot chips. My cousin Brian could eat chips faster than a seagull.

Moe was called Moe after my father decided he was so small he was eenie meenie minie moe. He didn’t stay tiny for long but the name stuck.
Moe is Mcgiver. He can fix anything.
He still works in the family’s hardware store.
He’s a rascal. One day a tradie came in wanting to buy 2 bags of Cement. He put one on his shoulder then told Moe to put the other one on his other shoulder.
He was tough.
As he went to carry them out thru the shop to his Ute, Moe pulled his pants down to his ankles. He knew he’d been done, but he kept shuffling.
He was tough but Moe was sharper.

Today you can buy your own Almond tree. It’s Dwarf so the nuts are easy to pick. The shells are soft so you can break them with your fingers. They have beautiful white spring blossom. You won’t have to hide in the long grass everytime a train goes past.

We have the biggest selection of fruit trees in Macarthur right now. There’s too many to list. Think of a fruit and we’ve probably got the tree.

Have you had trouble growing hanging baskets? I spotted these succulent baskets growing on a hot wall during the week.
It made me realise just how tough these plants are. If you’ve got pots or hanging baskets that have been unsuccessful try some Succulents. They are perfect plants for brown thumbs. Use or Tim’s Best Potting Mix. We have hundreds of Succulents in small pots in the nursery.
They are inexpensive and you can easily take cuttings and grow more.

Aren’t Passionfruit flowers amazing.
They are just so beautiful.
I spotted this one flowering during the week. Passionfruit are frustrating because they flower and fruit when they want too.
They are suppose to fruit in the warmer months but this vine was covered in flowers and fruit in July. If you want to grow a Passionfruit Vine wait till spring.
The frost can kill juvenile plants.
Look for Tim’s Big Black Passionfruit Vine In September. It has huge fruit and the Vine doesn’t sucker and become a weed.

Hayden’s vintage pots are creating a lot of interest. He has potted these up and we are raffling them off as a set to raise money for The African AIDS Foundation in Camden. Tickets are just $2.00 or buy 3 for $5.00 at the counter.

It’s a beautiful day today.
Come and walk around our nursery.
It’s looking sensational at the moment.
Happy gardening