A Rose for Betty Cuthbert? - Jul 06, 2018

Win these pots for your garden!

Dear gardening friends
Our nursery is officially full and ready for spring. It might be winter but that hasn’t stopped us potting up over 2,000 Rose Bushes and 300 Fruit trees!

Our roses are selling like hot cakes.
We’ve got all your old favourites like Mr Lincoln, Double Delight, Blue Moon, Just Joey and White Iceberg. But this season we’ve got all the new releases too.
We know that some of you are Rose Collectors and you want the latest varieties.

One of those new roses is called “Betty Cuthbert”. Betty was “The Golden Girl” after she won 4 Gold Medals. Three of them at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne.
Betty’s family owned Cuthberts Nursery in Ermington and we bought plants from them for many years.

Betty died last year and they have released a Rose Bush to celebrate her life and to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

Betty Cuthbert dedicated nearly 40 years of her life championing the needs of people, living with Multiple Sclerosis.
This new rose which was bred by Kordes nursery, has beautiful fragrant apricot flowers that are almost Camellia like in appearance. If it goes as fast as Betty did, in the 1956 Olympics, then it should be a winner. We only have 15 plants so you’ll need to be quick too!

You may have noticed that Vintage and Retro is back in fashion. From Indoor Plants to Furniture and Fashion.

We’ve been collecting Vintage pots from our recycling bin in the carpark for the last 12 months. A couple of weeks ago I asked Hayden to get his creative juices flowing and to plant these pots up with plants that would make them pop. He is amazing. Within an hour, Hayden had all the pots planted up with plants and pebble mulches that really looked fantastic.

We loved them so much we have decided to raffle the entire set, to help raise money for The African AIDS Foundation in Camden. Simply purchase a ticket for $2.00 at the counter or buy 3 for $5.00. All money raised goes to AAF. If you live locally we will deliver them for free.

Have a look at the pots, and then talk to Hayden. He can help you choose plants and mulches to transform your pot plants too.
He can also help you choose plants for your gardens that will look great together.

Sheila Myers is lovely.
She came into the nursery wearing this smart looking outfit which she made herself. Sheila is English. She’s been in Australia for almost 50 years.
Are you still English? I asked her.
“You’re always English” was her reply.

She traded her first husband in, and took on an Aussie. Ted came into the nursery too, but he’s famous for disappearing.

Sheila worked in a Fish n Chip Shop in Queen Street for 13 years. They had a notice on the window “Assistant wanted”.
Sheila applied at the counter and got offered the job straight away.
“You can start tonight”.

The owners were Greek, and Sheila says “that’s where she got her education”.

Were the Fish n Chips as good as England? No way! Sheila worked at the shop at night and looked after the kids during the day.

Sheila is retired and goes to University now.
The University of the third age, is held at The Uniting Church in Campbelltown.
She teaches Line Dancing. Other subjects include History, Thai Chi, Ukulele and Accordion. It’s for over 55’s.

Sheila has always knitted and crocheted.
She can’t remember when she started.
“I was born knitting”
She meets with the Knit and Giggle group every Monday at Campbelltown Library to knit quilts for “Wrapped with Love”.
They donate beautiful quilts for the poor in countries around the world. I’ve seen these quilts, they are amazing. They knitted a famous one for Pig a few years ago.

Sheila saw a movie last week called “Tea With The Dames”. She loved it so much she organised her friends to meet her at Macarthur Square and they talked about their lives too. A young girl was listening in, at a table nearby, and she wanted to know
“What Sheila was on”.
I don’t like acting my age says Sheila.

We wander around the nursery looking for Ted. He’s gone missing, he’s disappeared!

Our nursery is looking beautiful.
Come and just walk around.
It will fill you with inspiration and make you feel better. Many of our customers tell us they just call in to recharge their batteries.
Happy gardening