Choose a Rose for your nose! - Jun 15, 2018

Dreaming about Summer Romance?

Dear gardening friends
We are excited to announce that all our new season roses have arrived. We have almost 100 varieties to choose from. Our roses are grown in South Australia and Victoria, but many of them have come from around the world.

Kordes Rose Nursery, in Germany, has been breeding disease resistant fragrant roses for over 50 years. Our grower has chosen the most fragrant roses, and brought them to Australia, so now you can grow them too.

Many of these roses are floribundas, so they are more suitable for today’s courtyard sized gardens. They can even be grown in big pots, if you use Tim’s Best Potting Mix, and remember to water them often, during those hot dry months.

In June we take 20% off the marked price, because this is the best time to plant roses, and we want to make you move fast, so you don’t miss out.

One of the most popular roses is a variety called “Summer Romance”. This highly fragrant rose is part of Kordes Parfuma Collection. These roses are bred for fragrance. “Summer Romance” has magnificent double pink blooms that emit a captivating scent of spicy apples and a hint of liquorice. It has dark green healthy foliage. It only grows to one metre high so it’s perfect for smaller gardens.

“Dark Desire” has a great name, and an even better description. When I first read it, I was sure I was reading the blurb on a bottle of wine. It had the same flowery description.

“This beautiful, sensuous rose is everything you could want in a Hybrid Tea. From the buds that are almost black, the cupped flowers emerge with a unique violet-red, before maturing into blooms that display a spectrum of colour, from red to violet purple to even darker hues. The sophisticated sensual fragrance, of floral and fruity aspects, enhance this very desirable Rose. The glossy green foliage has exceptional disease resistance.
They won’t last long. How could they.
You can almost drink them!

“Lilac Wine” has perfect soft lavender, old fashion blooms that have an unforgettable fragrance! They are suitable for cutting so you can enjoy the fragrance inside your house. The foliage is lush green and healthy. It’s a Floribunda Rose so it’s perfect for smaller spaces.

“Novalis” was the pseudonym and pen name of Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg. He had a big name!
Georg was a poet, author, mystic, and philosopher of Early German Romanticism.

George has had a new rose named after him. “Novalis” is part of Kordes Fairytale Series. This super fragrant lavender blue rose has old world form. It’s a Rose for your nose. Perfect for smaller spaces, it only grows about waist height.

These are just a few of our roses. You really need to come and see our range. We have climbing roses too, for arches and fences.
We have standards arriving next week.

Remember when you’re planting roses, don’t fertilise them. This is the quickest way to kill a Rose. Instead dig IGC Planting Compost or Tim’s Cow Manure into your soil. These products improve your soil and help break down clay. Mulch around your roses with Sugar Cane.

We have lots of roses with special names that are suitable for gifts. This year we have Grandma’s Rose and Grandpa’s Rose too.
Come and talk to our staff and let us help you find the best roses for your garden.

If you have roses in your garden, then it’s time to prune them now. Walk around each rose and cut it back by at least 50% to an outward facing bud. Spray the bare plants with Lime Sulfur. This winter spray cleans up scale insects on the stems and helps prevent Black Spot Fungus spores from over wintering. Spray the ground around your plants.

Come and see us for good quality Secatuers and pruning saws.

We still have hundreds of bulbs left.
Our Famous Spring Bulb Sale is on now.
Fill your pots and gardens with these amazing bulbs and watch your garden explode with spring colour!
Bulbs are only $2.00 a packet.
That’s 75% off the marked price!!!!!

I had someone ask me the other day if you can still garden in winter?
Our winters, are like Europe’s summer.
Of course you can garden in Australia in winter. Just don’t plant tropical plants like Mangoes and Avocados.

Come and see us at the nursery
Happy gardening