New Season Roses arrive! - Jun 01, 2018

Love thy neighbours leaves!

Dear gardening friends

Over 1,000 New Season Rose Bushes arrived yesterday. It’s the start of the Rose season and we are expecting another 1,000 roses bushes to arrive next week too.
Rose bushes are big business for us.
We ordered these roses two years ago from an Italian Family in South Australia. They have been growing our roses for over 20 years.

We also buy roses from a nursery in Victoria who specialises in German bred roses that have high disease resistance and fabulous fragrance. We really are the Rose specialists in Macarthur.

We will only have two varieties potted for this weekend so don’t come rushing down expecting to find all your favourite varieties.
We will have The Macarthur Rose potted and Mr Lincoln. These are two of the best red roses ever bred.

The Macarthur Rose is exclusive to Tim’s Garden Centre. It has extra long stemmed red roses that are extremely petalicious.
They are perfect for picking because they last so long in a vase. We have this Rose growing in our garden and it’s covered in bright red flowers now. Come see. The flowers are enormous!!!!!

I’ve been admiring Chinese Tallow Trees this week. I walked up Hill Street in Camden on Saturday with my son Dan.
“Look at these amazing trees” I said to Dan.

Hill Street is one of the best tree lined streets in Macarthur. Chinese Tallows are planted on both sides of the wide street.
When the trees colour up in autumn it’s spectacular.

These trees cool the cars, parked under them all summer long.
Who wouldn’t want to live in this Street?

It’s falling leaf season.
If the leaves fall from one of your trees, you look at them with wonderment.
If they come from your neighbours tree, you curse them, and your neighbour, and complain to the council.

How dare these leaves fall in my place, in my pool. How quickly we forget that these same leaves kept us cooler in summer, gave us privacy from our neighbour and attracted birds into our gardens.

We forget that when the leaves fall, it allows the winter sun in, to warm our houses.
We forget that these fallen leaves Compost, to enrich our soil, and to feed the worms.
We forget that without the leaves we wouldn’t be outside in the fresh air, with a net, getting exercise, and enjoying nature.
Love thy neighbours leaves.

Amgrow has been bagging our Tim’s Best Potting Mix for 20 years. So it came as a big surprise when they decided to close their Potting mix factory in Queensland.

We had to find a new supplier for our Tim’s Best Potting Mix so we asked all the biggest Potting mix suppliers to give us their best Potting mix.

We decided to do a Potting mix trial to find out who made the best Potting mix?
Lauchie our apprentice put holes in the back for drainage and then he planted Celery seedlings in all the bags.
They have been watered with our irrigation system.

The results have been amazing.
Some famous brands have failed miserably.
All the brands except one, were Australian Standards Premium.

We have chosen the best Potting mix.
One was a stand out success.
The plants grew faster and bigger than all the rest, with greener foliage,bigger leaves and bigger stems. When you buy Tim’s Best in the future, you really will be buying the best Potting mix in NSW.

I’ve always said that I would love Choice to do a Potting mix trial on Potting mixes that are being sold around Australia. Some of them just don’t work. If they were cars they would be stopped on the side of the road with the bonnets up. There would be recalls. It would be on the news.
Customers would be demanding their money back.

Happy gardening