Some plants don’t need much water. - May 25, 2018

“Chocolate Panda Plant" has arrived!

Dear gardening friends
Martin Le is an importer and exporter.
He started selling us Ceramic Pigs in 2008.
He bought Pig’s book last week called “Dreaming About Mud” and as I was taking Martins photo, I was thinking, I bet he has a story too.

I have often joked that Pig arrived on a boat, from Vietnam, with nothing but a cardboard box. Martin arrived on a boat too.

He and his brother left Vietnam, with 50 others, on a wooden fishing boat, that was meant to never leave the Mekong Delta.
His life was in danger, so on Christmas Day, in 1981, Martin who was aged 10, left Vietnam with his 20 year old brother.

They were stopped by pirates on the way, and 5 of the young girls were taken away.
The captain of the boat only had a hand held compass. They landed in Malaysia and stayed in a refugee camp for 6 months before being accepted by Australia.

He belonged to the state, and they were moved around from place to place in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

“So you lived with an Australian Family and they looked after you?”
No, it wasn’t like that. We lived in a group house, we did our own cooking, my brother wasn’t around much so I had to look after myself.

I went to Campsie Primary School for a while, but we were moving all the time.
I enjoyed Belmore Boys High when I finally grew up. He laughed.

I did well at school and I went to NSW University before transferring to Western Sydney.

I did an Economics and Marketing Degree.
I got a job and I worked for importing companies for a while before starting my own business.

Martin imports Ceramic Pots, Gift ware and Pigs, of course, from Vietnam. He’s married now with a child. His brother became a GP and then specialised in Cosmetic Surgery.
Martin has landed on his feet.
He arrived with nothing, no bag, just a tee shirt, he told me, and it was winter here, so it was cold.
He laughed.
Pig might be famous, but if it wasn’t for Martin, Pig would never have made it to Australia.

We only have 15 copies of Pig’s book left.
When these are sold, we will have raised $2,000 for The African AIDS Foundation in Camden. It’s a great read.

Have you noticed how fantastic Campbelltown Councils gardens are looking around it’s offices in Queen street?

The Crepe Myrtles have won me over with their spectacular autumn foliage.
The Councils building looks almost Japanese.

If your are landscaping your garden start with the trees, and then build your gardens around them. That’s what Campbelltown Council did and that’s why the gardens look so good.

We have Crepe Myrtles from just $29.99.
They are so cheap to buy, and they thrive in our hot dry climate and shocking soil.
Plant them now and the roots will establish before the heat of summer arrives.

It’s so dry, but there are plants that don’t seem to mind these conditions. Cacti and Succulents thrive in those hot dry spots where other plants simply turn brown and drop dead.

They can be grown in your garden or in pots. Cacti can easily be repotted into bigger pots using tongs. We use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix to grow Cacti and Succulents with great success.

This week we have cranked up our selection so if you are a collector of these amazing drought hardy plants come check out our improved selection. Cacti and Succulents are back in fashion with creative types inner city. Big specimen plants are selling for hundreds of dollars. We’ve got budget prices plants that you can grow on yourself. They will become family heirlooms.

We have several new release plants this week that will excite the collectors.
“Chocolate Panda Plant” is an exciting new Kalanchoe, that has brown furry foliage and tubular shaped flowers. It looks amazing in a pot, in a sunny spot. It only grows about 45cms high.

This exciting new plant comes from Madagascar!!!!! It must be the most amazing place to visit.
Plants cost just $29.99.

Look for a new Aloe that has variegated foliage. This little beauty is perfect in a pot or garden. It has the most spectacular coloured foliage. Almost snake like.
It can even be grown indoors or out.
It has pretty orange flowers too.
Plants cost $29.99.

The staff all got excited about a new climbing plant called “The Lady Slipper Vine”. This rare Thunbergia has the most spectacular flowers. It’s a tropical plant so it won’t be suitable for all gardens. If you’ve got a protected warm spot then give one a try. We only have 12 plants. First time in 30 years we’ve had this plant. It could be grown in a big pot.
Our Horticulturists will help you find them.
Happy gardening