Attract Butterflies into your garden. - May 04, 2018

Could you Garden in the nude?

Dear Gardening Friends

Have you noticed the decline in Butterfly numbers? When I was young, their were so many Butterflies, kids got Butterfly Nets for Christmas. You’d get “sun stroke” waiting for a Butterfly to turn up these days.

We have a plant that will attract Butterflies into your garden. It’s called Buzz The Butterfly Bush. This fast growing cottage garden plant flowers 9 months of the year and if it ever gets untidy you just cut it back by 25% and it will sprout new growth and more flowers.

I spotted this Butterfly hanging around our plants yesterday. Buzz grows about 1.5 metres high and they are super hardy. I love the flowers. They come in several colours.
Come check them out. Leave your Butterfly net at home please.

It’s Cyclamen season!!!!!
These spectacular plants are often sold as indoor plants, and if you don’t have a heater ,like us, then they will happily grow inside in a sunlit position.

But if you put the heater on, these plants quickly go all droopy looking, and they drop dead!

Cyclamen are a Corm which is similar to a bulb. They sprout from the ground in the cooler months of autumn and they flower through winter and spring. At the end of spring they go dormant and the leaves turn yellow and the plant usually goes to sleep.

If you put a Cyclamen inside your house near a heater, the plant thinks the season is coming to an end, so the leaves turn yellow and it starts to look sick. You notice how sad it is, so you start watering it more often. This causes the corm to rot, and the plant dies.

Put your Cyclamen outside in the cold and it will thrive. Repot it into a bigger pot using Tim’s Best Potting Mix and it will double in size and produce twice as many flowers.

Put your Cyclamen where it gets morning sun, then shade, and it will flower non stop for 6 months or more.
Cyclamen are amazing!!!!!
Come see our huge selection. They are cheaper than a bunch of flowers and you could have it for 10 years or more.
We gift wrap for free.

Marjorie Massey came in to buy Potting mixes and plants.
“I’ve been looking forward to this all week” she told me.
“I’ve been very unwell but I made myself better so I could do some gardening”
How does your garden look? I asked. “Shocking” was her reply.
“I’ve been in hospital.”
“But today I’m going to get stuck into it”
You’re beautifully dressed.
“I always get dressed up when ever I’m going out. I always wear a hat. I have a winter hat too”
How old are you?
“I’m 82 years old”
I love a lady who is proud of how old she is.
“I’m from England, but I’ve lived in Australia longer now. We bought our house from Lend Lease in Ambarvale over 40 years ago.”
What plants do you like?
“I love English plants like Daisies and Foxgloves”
Stand here and I’ll take your photo. I’m going to put you on Facebook and make you famous.

It’s World Naked Gardening Day tomorrow. All you need is enough foliage to cover your pink bits to get involved.
World Naked Gardening Day is an international event celebrated by gardeners and non gardeners on the first Saturday in May.

It’s probably not a great idea to mow your front lawn unless you have an enormous hedge. But you can hopefully find a protected sunny corner in the back yard where you could pot up some Pansies.
If you can’t find a protected spot then it’s time to look at your garden and think about planting more foliage so you can get involved next year.

WNGD was stared in the UK where it’s spring heading into summer. They have almost no bugs or spiders, so there’s almost no chance you’ll get bitten by something that will cause swelling.
Here in Australia it’s spring heading into winter so you’re sort of hoping you do get bitten by something that will cause swelling.

If you are going to be pulling out weeds it’s a good idea to tie up the dog especially if you own a Rottweiler. If you’re trimming hedges be careful.

If you’re pruning roses it’s a good idea to at least wear gloves.
I’m being interviewed live on Sunrise at 9.55am so I have to get my gear off too!

World Naked Gardening Day is meant to be funny, wholesome and non political. Get involved and post a photo of yourself on their Instagram page. #worldnakedgardeningday

I hope our newsletter makes you smile.
Happy gardening