Your Garlic should be popping up! - Apr 27, 2018

Still time to plant winter vegetables

If you planted your Garlic last week it should be starting to pop up. I planted mine the week before you, and it’s already thriving. Garlic is so easy to grow and bugs don’t worry it. Perhaps bugs don’t like Garlic Breath? Check out last week’s newsletter to find out how to grow it.

My vegetable garden has really started to take off now we are getting cooler weather at night. These vegetables love the cold.
It’s not too late to plant up your vegetable garden. It’s so dry, make sure you cover the soil with mulch. I use Sugarcane on my flower and vegetable gardens.

I am amazed how many people still garden without using mulch.

Scientists have proven that if you have mulch on your garden it will stop water evaporation by up to 70%. When your plants get more water, they grow better, it just makes sense.

Mulch also stops the weeds from growing, and when your trees and shrubs have less root competition from weeds, this makes them grow better too.

Weeds also look untidy and they make your garden look unloved.

It doesn’t matter which mulch you use.
They all shield the soil from the hot sun and in time, they all break down to add organic matter to your soil. The more organic matter your soil has, the more water it holds, and the more earth worms will come and live in your garden.

Mulches that break down faster, like Sugarcane, add organic matter faster, and this is why gardeners who use this product appear to be green thumbs.
Even good gardeners forget to mulch around their pot plants.
Pots use more water than plants growing in the ground, and they dry out faster, so make sure you mulch around these plants with Sugar Cane too.

Take 5 minutes and walk around your garden to see if you still have enough mulch. It disappears over time so it needs to be topped up.
Pebbles are not good mulch. So please leave these in our rivers where they belong.
We can deliver mulch by the truck load, ring the nursery if you need a bulk delivery 46267022.

I called into Tilba Tilba last week.
It’s down the South Coast. My son has been a huge fan of “River Cottage” and he was disappointed to find out that the film company, has the property, so the series is over.
The cottage is only 5 minutes drive out of Tilba. Wow it was so green and the scenery was so spectacular. We saw the house.
I fell in love with Tilba Tilba too.

Grafted Gums are still flowering in Autumn.
These small growing trees have these huge flowers followed by enormous nuts.
They spot flower now but get covered in flowers at Christmas time.
They only grow 3-5 metres high and wide so they are the perfect sized shade tree for today’s courtyard sized gardens.

They need to be watered twice weekly to get them started. Plant them on a mound of Native Potting Mix Improved soil for best results. Some people think natives don’t have to be watered. Once established that might be true with normal rain fall, but it’s so dry at the moment, if you don’t water, they will die.

I’m back at work on Sunday so come and see me if you need help in the garden.
I’m returning to work after major back surgery. I’ve made a remarkable recovery.
A big thank you to Professor Mark Sheridan from Liverpool. He’s the back man!!!!!
Happy gardening