Are your kids frightened of touching dirt? - Apr 20, 2018

It’s time to plant Garlic!!!!!!

Abbey Howard nervously took possession of Blue Pig on Tuesday. Her boss, Jeramie Winsor, bought Blue Pig on eBay on Monday night for $620.00.
He helped Tim’s Garden Centre raise $1500.00 for beyondblue.
If you need insurance please support Jeramie.
His GIO Agency is Shop 2
334-336 Camden Valley Way Narellan NSW 2567. Telephone 46474463.
It was great to see Blue Pig go to a local business. Jeramie is on a cruise at the moment so I couldn’t get his photo.

Congratulations Jenny Nealon.
Jenny won Hayden’s amazing Bonsai creation on Sunday. A big thanks to all our customers who bought a ticket. Jenny came to the Bonsai talk so Hayden’s plant has gone to a happy home. A big thanks to Campbelltown Bonsai Club for supporting us again.

Alex Calo lives in one of the new housing estates in Leppington. He’s a Blue Belt in Karate. I asked him if he would like to pot up a Pansy seedling to take home to grow.
He got a big smile on his face as I watched him fill a pot up with Potting Mix.
There was no hesitation about touching soil with his hands. I could tell that he had done this before, he must help his mother in the garden. He planted the seedling in the middle of the pot and then gave it a water.

I’m sure this plant will be in safe hands.
I told Alex that he will have to grow it outside in the sun and water it daily.
I could tell he was excited about owning his own plant.
I’ve visited schools in Macarthur and we often have excursions where teachers bring their class to our nursery. We walk around the nursery and smell flowers and foliage.
They are amazed that toothpaste has mint in it. They don’t realise that plants are used in products.

We always end the excursion with the kids Potting up their own plant to take home.
I watch the kids, and I can tell that most of them have never touched Potting Mix before. Their hands recoil at the touch of it.
They look around for a scoop or shovel.
“Surely you don’t expect us to touch this dirty stuff with our hands?”

You can tell which kids are going to make it, just by watching them pot up a Pansy.

Have you ever grown Garlic?
Last year I had the best harvest of home grown Garlic ever. It’s so easy to grow I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t grow it.
All you have to do is prepare your garden first by digging in Tim’s Cow Manure and Tim’s Fast Food Fertiliser. Mulch the soil with Sugar Cane and water well.

Next purchase an Australian grown Garlic Clove from our nursery. They cost $2.80.
Split the Clove up with your fingers into seperate scales. Plant each scale pointy end up just below the ground 15 cms apart.
Water well. Within a week your Garlic will be popping up through the mulch.

Harvest in late spring when the leaves start to turn yellow. Lift from the ground and hose off the soil from the roots. Hang your Garlic to dry in a dark place and begin to eat. It will last until next winter.
Home grown Garlic is full of juice and flavour. You won’t believe the difference.
The stuff you buy in the shop is 100 years old and dehydrated. It’s tasteless!!!!!

If you don’t own a garden, grow your Garlic in big pots, using Tim’s Best Potting Mix.

Come and see us this weekend.
Our nursery is looking amazing and the weather has finally cooled so it’s a great time to plant.
Happy gardening