Win a Bonsai plant for just $2.00? - Apr 13, 2018

Free honey in your garden?

We are celebrating Garden RELEAF tomorrow while raising money for beyondblue. Scientists have discovered, if you spend more time outside in your garden, then you will have improved mental health. Gardeners have known this already.
A day in the garden is more relaxing than a holiday and it’s much cheaper too!

But adults and kids, are spending more time inside using technology, so we are going to have more mental health issues in the future.

I said to Hayden, “We need a Bonsai mate that we can raffle to help raise money for beyondblue”
Hayden looks at me, then he finds a Buddha’s Belly Fig in the nursery and a pot. He hunts around in the garden to find moss, sticks and stones. 15 minutes he presents me with this spectacular Bonsai.

Hayden is one of those amazing creative types. Some of you will have already experienced his kindness too.

You can win his Bonsai creation tomorrow while helping us raise money for beyondblue. Tickets are just $2.00 at the counter. Raffle will be drawn at 5pm.

Macarthur Bee Keepers are coming at 11am. Learn how to farm honey in your backyard. Make a real Honey Sandwich for a gold coin donation.

Campbelltown Bonsai Club are displaying their Bonsai plants from 1-3pm with a talk at 2pm.

Kids can pot up a Pansy seedling for free all day Saturday.

Buy a Blueberry plant and we will donate $10.00 to beyondblue.

Make a bid for Blue Pig on eBay. It’s up to $280.00. Item number 123067101353.
Money raised goes directly to beyondblue.

You can come down and spend nothing but if you part with a gold coin or two we will be very grateful.

Happy gardening