4 plants you can’t kill! - Apr 06, 2018

Bird of Paradise can thrive in your garden?

Dear gardening friends
Most of us don’t have time for serious gardening anymore, and we are just after plants that will survive without much fuss.
I’m shining the spot light on 4 plants this week that even brown thumbs won’t be able to kill.

“Bird of Paradise” is one of those plants that’s almost impossible to kill.
Botanically know as Strelitzia reginae, it has these bright orange bird like flowers throughout autumn and spring.
But even in summer it will often sprout a flower just for you. The birds love the nectar filled flowers and this grey leaf shrub can be grown in the ground, or in a big pot, in a sunny spot.

The flowers can be cut and brought inside, so you can really admire the flowers for weeks. They cost a small fortune at the florist so why not grow your own?

We have a great selection of Strelitzia’s in the nursery today. Come see.

We have a little Italian guy who drops into the nursery about every 6 months with a Ute full of Agave plants. These grey leaf, architectural looking plants, look amazing in big pots, or in your garden. They are almost death proof. Once you have one, you can remove the babies, that grow out from the bottom, and grow more. They look spectacular mass planted in sunny spots.

We have at least 40 Agaves in different sizes and prices. Some of them are enormous, so if you’ve been looking for that specimen plant, to grow in a big pot, on your patio, come check them out.

Agaves are easy to look after. Simply remove the bottom leaves as they turn yellow. If they ever get too big, simply cut off the top. You can grow the top in a pot and the bare trunk will reshoot within weeks. How easy is that?
Use Tim’s Best Potting Mix for best results.

I had a phone call from Long Bay Gaol about 20 years ago. One of the prisoners wanted to grow an Angels Trumpet Tree.
The guard wanted to know if they were poisonous? Well yes they are and they are hallucinogenic too!

Probably not a good idea for someone in prison to be growing a poisonous plant.
But Angels Trumpet Trees or Brugmansia’s are a collectors plant. If you are sensible, then they can be grown in your garden.
I love the Trumpet like flowers that hang down like 1950s lamp shades. The flowers have a beautiful perfume too.

Grow them in a sunny spot that gets frost protection. We have a selection of amazing colours in the nursery today. We had the beautiful pink flowering variety above but it will sell out fast.

Salvias are some of my favourite garden plants. The perennial varieties like the purple one above, can last for years in your garden. There are at least 100 Salvia varieties available in Australia. The best varieties flower all year round. If they ever look untidy, simply cut them back by 50% and fertilise, and within weeks they will be in flower again.

Salvias are drought proof small shrubs.
Start a collection now. We have beautiful Salvias in the nursery today. Come check them out. We have one growing in our car park garden, and it never stops flowering.
Remember the secret to their survival is pruning!!!!!

My vegetable garden at home is growing so fast. I only planted it up on the 15th of March and I’m already picking home grown lettuce. The Broccoli and Cabbage are growing beautifully too.

I can’t wait to harvest the Cabbage.
Last winter I discovered the “Kravavak Salad”.
This salad was simply Cabbage, chopped up fine, then dressed with olive oil, white vinegar and salt. It’s amazing!!!!!!

We are celebrating Garden RELEAF on Saturday the 14th of April. Scientists have discovered if you and your children spend more time in your garden you will have improved mental health. It’s that simple.
Macarthur Bee Keepers are coming at 11am to talk about farming honey in your back yard. There is a lot of buzz about this talk.
Caroline is very sweet. Don’t miss her talk.
Come eat a honey sandwich.

Macarthur Bonsai Club is showing you how to grow these amazing miniature plants at 2pm. See the display. Hear the talk. It’s free. Buy a ticket in the raffle to win a Bonsai plant. All money raised goes to Beyond Blue.

Blue Pig goes up for sale on EBay next week. Auction ends on Sunday night.
All money raised goes to Beyond Blue.
This is a great opportunity for a local business to get great publicity.
We will put the winning bidder on our sign out the front for a week.

Happy gardening