It’s time to plant Broccoli. - Mar 15, 2018

Moth Orchids are easy to grow!

Dear gardening friends
It’s time to grow Broccoli.
If you didn’t have success in summer growing vegetables, don’t give up.
It’s much easier to grow home grown veggies in the cooler months.

Broccoli is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. It’s full of antioxidants that will make you live longer.

Prepare your garden first by digging in Tim’s Famous Cow Manure. Then cover your garden with Sugar Cane.
Plant your Green Dragon Broccoli seedlings through the mulch, and water morning and night, for the first week.

Dust the leaves every 4 weeks with Yates Vegetable Dust. This controls caterpillars without killing you!

If you want supersized Broccoli like this, fertilise your Vegetable garden with Tim’s Fast Food. It’s what we use.

Don’t forget the snail bait. Snails love Broccoli too. Use Multiguard Snail and Slug pellets, it’s safe for dogs,cats,birds and lizards.

I’ve been waiting patiently to photo these Petunias growing in Argyle Street Camden.
Who hasn’t admired these Petunias putting on a floral show.

These flowers would cost a bomb to plant and maintain but aren’t they worth it!Camden just looks so much more loved than other towns around Macarthur.

There was a time when homeowners filled their gardens up with flowers like this too. Now we are all too busy to plant flowers. We want things that don’t need water and don’t need love. Of course, it doesn’t end up looking like this, and our gardens don’t make us smile much.

I had a little laugh to myself recently about an old duck who would come into the nursery every autumn to buy Pansies and Primulas. She always bought the same variety, but I had to help her choose them and I fussed over her like she was buying a new car. We would always have a laugh too. She was a rascal.

Those flowers made her happy, they would flower all winter and spring.

These flowers in Camden make people happy too. A few would complain about the cost but most of us are just grateful that something’s haven’t changed. Camden is still old school and that’s what makes the place so lovely.

It’s too late to plant Petunias now, but if you plant Pansies, you will get a show like this until November. The world needs more flowers. They will make you happy too.

Modern gardeners are too impatient to grow Pansies from punnets, so we’ve got them already flowering in pots. Simply plant these, in pots, or gardens, in sunny spots, and you can enjoy the flowers straight away. Improve your soil with some IGC Planting Compost and your plants will grow bigger and better and get more flowers.

We have a very unusual plant growing in a pot at the entrance to our nursery. It’s called Euphorbia “Fire Sticks”. As the weather gets cooler this super hardy succulent turns from lime green to orange. It looks amazing.

If you are a non gardener, who always has trouble getting plants to survive, then try one of these. We have nice plants in the nursery for under $20.00.
This is a real collectors plant that you just won’t find in many nurseries. Check out our beauty at the front door.

I took a Phalaenopsis Orchid home in September to see how hard they are to grow. You might know them by their common name, which is “Moth Orchid”. They are miniature tropical orchids that can be grown inside your house. I’ve grown mine in the kitchen near a window that gets bright light but not direct sun. It hasn’t stopped flowering for 7 months. It’s been amazing.
It’s growing in spagnum moss in a white ceramic cover pot. I lift it out of the pot once a week and sit it in a cup off water for a couple of minutes. I let it drain on the kitchen sink then put it back in the cover pot. It’s been very easy to look after.
New flower spikes shoot out from the main stork until this eventually turns brown.

I highly recommend these spectacular flowering orchids. They come in beautiful white ceramic pots and they make fantastic floral gifts. They are inexpensive too.
We have over 30 to choose from.
If you love orchids come and check them out.

GARDEN RELEAF is coming up on Saturday April 14th. We raise money for Beyond Blue this weekend and raise awareness of this mental illness.

Scientists have found that the illness can be helped and often prevented if you spend more time outside in your garden.
We invite clubs to come to our nursery on this day to encourage people to spend more time outside.

The Macarthur Bee Keepers are coming to tell you how to keep a Bee hive in your garden. Macarthur’s Queen Bee Caroline will be on hand from 11am to give you a 30 minute talk about Bee Keeping.

At 1pm Campbelltown Bonsai Club will have a Bonsai Display and show you how to keep these plants alive. I’m still surprised how many gardeners still think Bonsai are indoor plants. This club is one of the biggest Bonsai groups in Australia. You might like to join the club. They will give a talk at 2pm about Caring for Bonsai.
Put this date in your diary.

We will be auctioning Blue Pig on eBay to help raise money for Beyond Blue. It’s a great cause and you might like to make a bid. Pig goes up for sale from the 8th of April.

The weather is beautiful in autumn so it’s a great time to garden. Come and see us if you need any help.
Happy gardening