25% off Frangipanis! - Mar 09, 2018

Does your poo stink?

Dear gardening friends

We raised over $1,600.00 for THE AFRICAN AIDS FOUNDATION. Doctor John Schwarz was happy to accept our cheque on Sunday. A big thanks to all our Tim’s Garden Club Members who bought one of Arthur’s Big Greek Tomatoes. Your $5.00 went directly to this great cause. THE AFRICAN AIDS FOUNDATION exists to raise much needed funds to support grass roots projects in South Africa and Kenya.
The charity is based in Camden. John is a great guy and I have travelled to South Africa to see the work they do.
A big thanks to Arthur from Kings Charcoal Chicken Shop in Queen Street who shared his families Famous Big Greek Tomato.

It’s autumn so you should be getting your flower and vegetable gardens ready for planting. Traditionally gardeners would buy Cow Manure and use this to improve the soil. Cow Manure contains nitrogen and other organic goodies that make your seedlings thrive. It also breaks down clay soils and attracts earthworms into your gardens.

But now Cow Manure isn’t really Cow Manure. The big sheds didn’t like the smell, so they asked the suppliers if they could do anything about it? The suppliers discovered the fastest way to remove the smell was to replace the Cow Manure with Recycled Green Waste. They now call the product Composted Cow Manure.

This is very misleading because consumers think they are still buying real Cow Manure that has just been Composted. What they are really buying is an inferior product that contains 25% Cow Manure and 75% Recycled Green Waste.

The plants don’t grow as well, because real Cow Manure has 100% more nitrogen than this stuff. The worms don’t like it as much either.
So before you buy Cow Manure check the front of the bag to make sure it doesn’t say
“Composted Cow Manure”.
If you buy Tim’s Cow Manure you are buying real Cow Manure.

We are taking 25% off all our Frangipanis this weekend.
We still have 30 colours to choose from and the price has been reduced from $29.99 down to $22.50.
They are big plants that will bring that tropical fragrance to your garden all summer long. We have the rare red flowering varieties too. If you are in a Frangipani club, share this with them.
Frangipanis can be grown in your garden or in a big pot. They love a hot sunny spot.

It’s time to plant Pansies!
These ever popular flowering plants will add colour to your garden throughout autumn, winter and spring. They are easy to grow and they come in so many colours. I plant the orange and the purple Pansies in my garden and they look amazing.

Pansies can be bought in punnets or in potted colour. Use or Tim’s Best Potting Mix for pots or IGC Planting Compost if you are growing them in your garden. Don’t forget the snail bait. Not that long ago gardeners got excited about planting Pansies, Primulas, Stock, Cinerarias and Poppies in Autumn. Less people plant flowers these days which is such a shame because flowers really do make you happy!

Osmanthus is bursting into bloom.
You probably have never heard of this fragrant plant but it’s perfume is right up there with Jasmine, Daphne and Gardenias.
Osmanthus has tiny white flowers that really pack a punch. The flowers smell like ripe apricots. It’s so easy to grow.
It doesn’t drop dead like Daphne.

You can grow Osmanthus in your garden or in a pot. It can grow up to 2-3 metres high in the ground, but it can be pruned to any size. We have a beauty growing in our garden near the seedlings. Smell the perfume before you buy!

Osmanthus are getting hard to find in nurseries. We bought these from a grower in Victoria. Gardeners come from all over Sydney to buy them. Osmanthus fragrans comes from Asia and it’s especially loved by the Chinese community.

Our nursery is looking beautiful at the moment. Especially our indoor plant area. Come check it out. We have beautiful indoor plants and lovely ceramic pots.
We also have beautiful Moth Orchids this week. I’ve had one flowering on my kitchen window sill since September. They are incredibly easy to grow if you find the right spot.

Happy gardening