Autumn is a great time to garden! - Mar 02, 2018

Home grown vegetables taste better!

Dear gardening friends

Summer is gone!
Your garden will be happy to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn. Your garden is in repair, and regrow mode, after one of the hottest and driest summers on record. It’s amazing how quickly plants can recover from a drought once it rains.

I’ve noticed heat damaged plants are sprouting fresh new growth. Even my patchy lawn is starting to recover.
More rain is forecast this week so it’s a great time to fertilise your lawn and gardens.

We fertilised our lawn here at the nursery last week while it was raining and it’s already looking so much greener. We use our Tim’s Rapid Results Lawn Food.
This turbo charged lawn food contains 21% nitrogen so it turns your grass bright green in 14 days. It can’t burn your lawn, so it’s safe for soft leaf buffalo varieties like Matilda and Sir Walter.

The small easy to carry 4kg bag will treat 260m2 of lawn. Simply throw it out by hand or use a Fertiliser spreader. It will keep your grass green for 3 months.

Mow your lawn weekly during Autumn and most of those bare patches will be replaced with lush green grass by winter time.
This will help stop a lot of the winter weeds like Bindii and Clover from growing.

Tim’s Rapid Results is exclusive to Tim’s Garden Centre. Bags cost $24.99 or buy 2 for $45.00. Fertiliser works best after rain so don’t waste this opportunity.

We have a new Grevillea in the nursery called “Scarlet Moon”. It was bred at Kings Park Botanic Nursery in Western Australia.
It’s been bred to grow in gardens all around Australia. It grows 1.6m x1.6ms. It can be pruned to any size or shape.

Grevillea Scarlet Moon has beautiful fine grey foliage and these spectacular Scarlet red flowers throughout the year!!!!!
It will attract nectar feeding birds into your garden. The more floral and fauna you have in your garden the better your families mental health will be.

We have brought these plants all the way from W.A and they are big bushy plants covered in buds, ready to flower, for just $28.99. You’ll get 5% off with your Tim’s Garden Club Discount.

I’m a lover of Trees and I’m always trying to get our customers to plant more. One of my favourite trees is The Firewheel Tree. You can see it in the photo above.
This Australian Rainforest Tree is one of my favourites. It grows 4-6 metres high in 20 years by about 2.5 metres wide. It has glossy green foliage and these beautiful red wheel like flowers in the warmer months. The flowers are spectacular and they are full of nectar. If you grow this tree the native birds will come into your garden. We have beautiful advanced trees for just $29.99. This tree is the perfect size for today’s courtyard sized gardens.

If you love perfumed plants, bring your nose down to the nursery, and smell our Arabian Jasmine. This hard to find climbing plant, has beautiful highly perfumed white flowers throughout the warmer months. It has lovely fresh green foliage and it can be grown in the garden or in a big pot.

Arabian Jasmine is highly prized by people who have come from the Middle East. They use these highly perfumed flowers in religious ceremonies. We often get asked for this plant but it’s hard to find.
We have beautiful plants in the nursery now for just $32.99. They are covered in buds and flowers right now. If you are going to grow it in a pot use our Best Potting Mix.

It’s time to prepare your garden for winter vegetables. Cover your soil with our Tim’s Cow Manure then dig this into the soil.
Cover your garden with fresh Sugarcane, then water well, and let it sit for a couple of weeks. When the night temperature gets cooler you can plant broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, silverbeet, spinach, onions, beetroot and peas to name but a few.
You can plant seeds now or wait and buy the seedlings from us as they arrive.
Don’t forget the snail bait.
Use Multiguard. It’s safe for pets, birds, and blue tongue lizards.

Autumn is a great time to garden so come and see us if you need help.

We have a vacancy for another Tim’s Gardening Service Franchise. If you are a qualified Horticulturist working in the gardening industry and you would like to run your own business contact us. We have lots of customers who need help.
Happy gardening