Have you wet the bed? - Feb 09, 2018

Are you murdering your plants?

Dear gardening friends

We’ve been busy this week treating all our potted plants with Wettasoil. Our watering system comes on every night so why would we need to use Wettasoil our plants?

When it doesn’t rain for so long, Potting Mix becomes hydrophobic. Once it dries out it’s almost impossible to get it wet again.
We need rain to rehydrate the soil.
Wettasoil is an agricultural detergent that removes the oily barrier so your soil can accept water again.

Wettasoil comes in a liquid that you mix up yourself, in a watering can. It comes in a 2 litre,hose on bottle, that’s perfect for larger areas like lawns and gardens. It also comes in a granular form that’s perfect for using around the top of your pot plants.
We’ve used the granular form.
Hayden is busy today treating all our plants.

In the next few week’s these plants will sprout fresh new growth in response to the extra water. Remember we aren’t giving them more water, the Wettasoil just makes the same amount of water go further!

I noticed a new release tree called “Summer Scent” has burst into bloom in our nursery. I carried a potted plant around the nursery so the staff could give it the sniff test. It got the thumbs up!
This plant comes from Asia but it’s super hardy and it will grow in full sun, part shade or full shade. It will grow in pots or in your garden. It’s a small growing evergreen tree to about 3 metres high by 2 metres wide. It has beautiful glossy green foliage and these amazing fragrant, lavender white flowers, throughout the warmer months. The fragrance is sweet and mild so it won’t upset hay fever sufferers. We only have a few trees this weekend for $26.99. More “Summer Scent” are arriving next week.

If you are looking for a small growing tree for your courtyard sized garden then come check this plant out. It can also be used for hedging. See the photo above.

I was in Canberra last week watching Dan play soccer. When I drove my car into the car park I noticed the parking spaces were all under shade. The car park had been designed so that trees could be planted to shade the cars. How cool is that.
There must be a lot of smart people in Canberra because as I drove around the city I noticed they had trees planted everywhere. Canberra is hot and dry, just like Macarthur, so why aren’t we planting more trees? Our Councils are too busy allowing developers to chop them down.
We need new councillors who can see that Macarthur needs more trees.

Do you remove plant labels?
Lots of gardeners leave the labels on their plants because they like to know what the plants name is. Unfortunately these labels are attached using plastic coated wire. As the tree or shrub grows the wire cuts into the trunk and ringbarks the plant. It’s such a horrific way to kill a plant. This wire is also used to tie plants to stakes. You can see in the picture above how the plant is suffering. Remove these supports when you plant your trees. Remove the labels too.
If you need to tie your plants to a stake use old stockings or we do sell a product called Jolly Roger. It’s stretchy stuff. It’s perfect. It stretches as the plant grows, then in time, it rots and falls off. Take 5 minutes to check your plants at home.
Native plants are more effected because they grow so fast!

Come and see us if you need help in your garden. Our nursery is full of summer flowering plants that will give your home some love.
Happy gardening