Free Avocados in your backyard? - Feb 02, 2018

Some great summer gardening tips!

Dear gardening friends

The latest ‘Diamonds In The Dark’ Crepe Myrtle has burst into bloom here at the nursery.
This beauty is called “Lavender Lace”.
The flowers look amazing with the burgundy black foliage. We now have all the colours in this exciting new range of Crepe Myrtles.
These fast growing small trees can flower for up to 100 days during summer.
They only grow 3 metres high by 1.5 metres wide. They are the perfect tree for today’s courtyard sized gardens.
Grow one or two on your nature strip and you will love the summer colour.
We have Lavender Lace, Crimson Red, Purely Purple, Blush, Shell Pink, Pure White and Best Red. They are big plants up to my belly button for just $29.99. Less your Tim’s Garden Club discount.

A shortage of Avocados has seen prices jump to almost $9.00 in some fruit shops.
Maybe it’s time you grew your own Avocados at home?
We have beautifully grown grafted Wurtz Avocado trees for just $79.99. You’ll get 5% off this price because you’re in the Garden Club.
Avocado Wurtz is the most suitable variety for a suburban backyard because it only grows up to 4 metres high and it has a lovely weeping habit. It has gorgeous glossy green leaves with coppery coloured new growth.
Grafted Avocado trees are almost impossible to find. We had to forward order these two years ago!!!! They have only recently arrived and with Avocados so expensive in the shops we don’t think they will last long.
Find a sunny position in your garden. For best results, plant your tree on a mound of IGC Planting Compost Improved soil. Avocados, just like Citrus, need good drainage. If you just dig a hole in the clay it will never grow.
Once it’s planted, mulch around the base with Tim’s Termite Resistant Mulch.
Never fertilise newly planted fruit trees or they will drop dead. Water daily for the first few weeks then twice weekly.
Add Seasol to the water for even better results.
We have 15 plants only.
They are looking sensational.

Can you help us?
We are having a pot crisis!
Our pot recycling bin is empty.
Every year we reuse thousands of pots.
We use them, and so do local schools,community groups, and keen gardeners like you.
Reusing pots is much more environmentally friendly than recycling them.
But our bin is empty at the moment.
The pots don’t have to come from Tim’s Garden Centre. We don’t care if they come from Bunnings, Flower Power or Big W.
We just want to see them get reused rather than going in a bin. You might have a few in your shed attracting spiders?
No need to wash them.
We are tough down here.

Why do trees and shrubs die?
Modern Potting Mixes are made from Pine Bark or Recycled Green waste. These waste products are used by the nursery industry because they are cheap and if you add fertiliser, and water daily, then plants grow quickly in them.
But if you don’t water daily, then the potting mix dries out, becomes hydrophobic, and it’s almost impossible during dry weather to get it wet again.

If you let grass grow around the base of your trees then the grass gets all the water and almost none of it gets down to the trees roots.
Remove the grass then mulch around the tree with Sugar Cane or Woodchip. This insulates the trees roots from the hot sun and stops up to 80% of the water from evaporating.
This helps stop the Potting mix from drying out and becoming hydrophobic.
Treat the soil with Wettasoil. This agricultural detergent removes the oily barrier and allows the root ball to accept water again.

Water daily with Seasol for the first week then twice weekly until it rains heavily.
Seasol is a plant tonic that encourages plants to grow new roots. The more roots a plant has the more water it can drink, the more drought proof it becomes.

I’ve planted another crop of Cucumbers in my garden at home. I’ve enjoyed eating them over Christmas but the plants conked out, so I’ve pulled them out, dug Tim’s Cow Manure into the soil, and planted flesh seedlings. Now if I can just stop the Black bird from scratching out the seedlings I will be eating Cucumbers throughout autumn too.

If you don’t follow us on Facebook then you might not know that Pig got married during the week to a total stranger! He may have been mocking the new show on TV called Married at first sight. He married a Goose. It was a disaster. Poor Pig nearly drowned trying to consummate the relationship.

Come and see us if you need help in your garden. We are not so busy at this time of year so we can spend more time helping you. Bring your empty pots too!
Happy gardening
P.s just for you Max.
Bee keeping talk is on the 14th of April.
That’s a Saturday. Will give a time soon.