Save your plants with Seasol - Jan 25, 2018

A tree with black foliage?

Dear gardening friends
Even Rose Bushes can’t escape this heat. Buds are just withering and turning brown and leaves are getting burnt on the edges. You probably have lots of plants in your garden showing signs of heat stress.
Don’t fertilise or you will only make your plants sicker.
The heat burns the leaves and it also burns the roots. Seasol is a plant tonic that you mix with water. You can use it everyday when you water your plants without any damage. It encourages sick plants to grow new roots. These roots can then take up the water and your plants will recover.

It’s also a good idea to Wettasoil all your pot plants, lawns and gardens.
This agricultural detergent removes the oily barrier and allows dry hydrophobic soils to accept water again.

Then remulch all your gardens.
Mulch insulates the soil and stops up to 80% of the water from evaporating.
Gardening is all about keeping the water in the soil.
It’s that simple!

Nathan Larner comes into our nursery almost every day. He is here so often, some of you might think he actually works for us. I’m sure if you asked him a gardening question he would be able to help you.
Nathan is a machine operator at Humes.
He makes concrete pipes and pipe fittings. He starts work at 4am and does a 12 hour shift 6 days a week.
He spends all his spare time gardening. He comes in to look at plants. He doesn’t just like them, he loves them. One of his native plants died recently, because of the humidity, and I could tell by the way he described it to me, that it was like he’d lost a family member.
Nathan has a very understanding wife who puts up with his plant addiction, but Nathan has discovered it’s still best to plant them before she comes home from work.
Nathan was born in Campbelltown Hospital and he now lives in Bradbury. He has themed his garden, he groups plants together. He’s very organised. When he was a kid he used to follow his mum around in the garden with a note pad and write down the names of the plants. That love of plants has only increased since he got his own house.
He doesn’t just shop with us he admitted. He goes to all the nurseries in the district. “Who do you talk to?” I asked him. “I don’t talk to anybody” was his reply.
“They are different to your nursery, the staff don’t love it like we do”.
Nobody is going to love gardening as much as Nathan. Although my staff are plant addicts too.
Nathan was worried about his hair in the photo. “It looks great mate, here look.” Everything has to be just right. I like that about Nathan.

I’ve been watching the destruction of habitat Eucalyptus trees along Camden Valley way this week. I actually went out and filmed it. I was so overcome with sadness I couldn’t post it.
I could write a story about the insanity of this. I could bag the crap out of this developer. Camden Council needs to take the blame for this destruction too. We don’t need trees in Macarthur do we.
It’s not that hot out here, and the birds can always find another tree to nest in?
But I did want to give the developer of Harrington Grove a pat on the back.
Sure they chopped hundreds of trees down when making this new estate but they had the vision to keep the existing trees between the houses and Cobbitty Rd.
What a difference it’s made.
The houses blend in with the foliage. The birds and animals have somewhere to live. They have even put a concrete path through the forest so people can walk their dogs and the kids can ride their bikes.
The developer turned the bush into a natural park land. The houses in this estate are super expensive. People want to live in an estate that has trees. We need more developers who can see that trees are worth money and worth saving.

Macarthur is only going to get hotter so we will all benefit if we plant more trees. Some people are terrified that trees will grow too big so they don’t plant them. We have a new Crepe Myrtle tree called Diamonds In The Dark. This beautiful small growing tree only grows 3 metres high by 2 metres wide.
It has almost black foliage. It’s so beautiful.
The foliage alone will add so much colour to your garden. It also has crimson red flowers for up to 100 days during summer.
We have several other colours coming this week too including the most popular variety with White flowers!!!!!!
Plants are around one metre high and cost just $26.99. You’ll get your Tim’s Garden Club Discount off this price.

Diamonds In The Dark are drought tolerant once established. They are the perfect small tree for today’s courtyard sized gardens. Plant one on your nature strip if you don’t have room in your garden.

We are open everyday this weekend including Australia Day. We have been giving Australia flags away. We might have some left. Come see.
Happy gardening